SmallRig Camera Cage for Fujifilm X-T20 2004

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Designer: Shane LinLin

SmallRig Camera Cage for Fujifilm X-T20 2004 is a form-fitted cage specially designed for Fujifilm X-T20 camera. The x-t20 cage benefits your Fujifilm X-T20 camera in video production by strengthening protection, stability and providing more mounting options. 1/4" threaded holes on the top could attach magic arm with double-threaded screws and then attach monitor. The NATO rail on the top could attach SmallRig Quick Release Cheese Handle 1649, SmallRig DSLR Action NATO Handle 1955, Smallrig QR Cheese Handle 1720 etc., and thus the cameraman could hold the set with hands easily. The cold shoe could attach microphone directly, which is very convenient. The cage is equipped with a grip, thus it enlarges the area of holding the cage and is more comfortable to be held. The threaded holes on the left of cage allows to mount HDMI Lock 1679 to lock HDMI cable, and NATO rail on the right side could attach SmallRig QR Cheese Handle 1688. In addition, Its ARCA quick release plate is compatible with SmallRig Arca Swiss Dovetail Clamp 1711 and SmallRig 15mm Rail Support System Baseplate(Arca Swiss) 1687.

Key Features:
1. Camera is firmly locked at the bottom and right side of cage
2. Cold shoe could attach microphone directly
3. ARCA quick release plate included
4. NATO rail on the right side could attach SmallRig QR Cheese Handle 1688

Fujifilm X-T20 camera

Package Includes:
1x x-t20 Cage 
1x Hex Spanner
1x M3 Screw

Product Dimensions: 134.5x101x53mm
Net Weight: 190g
Package Size: 160x120x68mm
Material(s): Aluminum Alloy