SmallRig Wireless Transmitter Cage for Teradek Bolt 500/1000/3000 1994

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Designer: Tracy Joy

SmallRig Wireless Transmitter Cage for Teradek Bolt 500/1000/3000 1994 is a cage exclusively designed for Teradek Bolt 500/1000/3000. The cage could attach Teradek Bolt 500/1000/3000 firmly via two 4-40 screws, and it provides protection for Teradek Bolt 500/1000/3000 with encircled form. ARRI locating holes equipped in the front, at the back and at the bottom of the cage are compatible with magic arms with ARRI locating holes. Switronix V-Shape battery plate or SmallRig V-Lock Assembly Kit 1846, SmallRig Battery Back 1547, SmallRig Battery Mounting Plate 1530 could be attached the cage to supply power. 1/4 threaded holes at the bottom of cage could attach Cool RailBlock 15mm Rod Clamp 1078 and SmallRig 15mm rod clamp 1266. The back of cage is equipped with holes with standard space, which could connect SmallRig Integrated Top Plate for Sony PXW-FS7/FS7II 1974, SmallRig U-Shape Top Mount Plate for Sony FS7/FS7II 1975 and SMALLRIG SONY PXW-FS7 Battery L-Bracket 1792. The cage could attach threaded holes at the back of URSA MINI directly without any other accessories. What’s more, there are plenty of 1/4 and 3/8 threaded holes on the cage and thus you could mount the cage in the appropriate position as per your needs. It is compatible with SmallRig Clamp Mount with 1/4" Screw Ball Head Mount 1124, Multi-function Double BallHead with Clamp & 1/4" Screw 1138 and Magic Articulating Arm (132mm) with 15mm Rod Clamp 1013 etc.

Key Features: 
1. ARRI locating holes included for magic arms
2. Switronix V-Shape battery plate could be attached
3. Protects Teradek Bolt 500/1000/3000 from damages
4. Two 4-40 screws to connect Teradek Bolt 500/1000/3000 firmly
5. 1/4 threaded holes at the bottom could attach Rod Clamp

Teradek Bolt 500/1000/3000

Package Includes:
4 x M4 Screw
2 x 4-40 Screw
1 x 4-40 Spanner
1 x M4 Spanner

Product Dimensions: 119.2x78.5x37mm
Net Weight: 243g
Material(s): Aluminum Alloy