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Shooting Solutions


SmallRig Campaign

SmallRig Campaign





This is the perfect accessory for any DSLR camera! Aside from the actual functionality of the product, it makes you look professional when on set. I also purchased the 15mm rods but can't figure out how to get them attached. Would highly recommend this product for anyone with a DSLR.

SmallRig Mini Matte Box 3196

Jeremy Grayson


1. Versatile mounting design with the minimum hardware needed. Therefore light and smaller for travel
2. Solid built and materials, the typical SMALLRIG quality
3. Smooth but well controlled operation
4. Competitive pricing, specifically with SMALLRIG quality
If you need a manual follow focus dial, this is it.

SmallRig Mini Follow Focus 3010

Robin Nguyen


As far as Matteboxes go, you cant get anything this good at this price point. Even tilta can't get it down this low. The fact that this matte-box is VERY light, comes with adapters for a plethora of lens step up rings, and takes TWO 4x4 or 4x5.6 filters that lock in makes this a a solution a aspiring professional can utilize and build upon. Smallrig has not let me down in any of the products I've purchased from them and this item only adds on to my confidence.

SmallRig Lightweight Matte Box 2660



The Smallrig L-Shape Grip for Nikon Zfc is a great accessory. It fits in the hand perfectly and looks like it is part of the camera (doesn't look like an addon). Good quality materials are used and the attention to detail (eg. corners match corners of camera) are the nice touches that make this grip comfortable to use and pleasing to the eye.

SmallRig L-Shape Grip for Nikon Z fc Camera 3480



This is my first LED light, so I'm not field experienced with them in general, I do have 30 years on sets and locations in other capacities. In saying that, I bought it over other lights because its 12 watts, RGB and is a great sized panel (same size as an iPhone 12 Pro Max), which outputs decent flat illumination even at low level. Color range is wider than most others in its class, allowing for greater range to copy other light sources. It does flicker, but nothing that has effected my 24,25, 30, 60 or 120 fps tests. Oh and its also a small power bank. Its magnetic, and its decent. I put a piece of gaffer over the magnetic area so that its less likely to slip down a light pole or similar. Two ARRI 4/20 mounts. Below 20% output level, colors tend to curl into their next neighbor, its not a big deal, you just have to tweak the value, that or put a piece of ND over the light until you get what you want. I bought one, and am going to buy another two, for tri light setups and the like. The concept of having this level of controllable light in such a great form factor, kind of blows my mind. This is a great tool, I trust SmallRig and have been working with them for well over a decade.

SmallRig Pix M160 RGBWW LED Light 3157

Craig Stenberg


I mainly use mine as a desktop phone holder, but I also use it in other ways. While I use it to mount the phone for video work, I’ve also discovered a very novel use: as a dash-mounted phone holder. I installed an Arca Swiss clamp, to the dash, and now when I drive, the phone slides in and clamps down. Far more secure than a suction cup on the windshield and no torn out vents from clipping the phone to plastic. When I arrive at work, a simple flip of a lever and the phone and holder come with me inside to hold the phone at my desk. This is one of your best products.

SmallRig Universal Smartphone Holder BSP2415



Have SR cages for BM4k and another brand for the i just got this one for my awesome and gives lots of room to play and rig.. If you own a 6kpro this cage is a must....

SmallRig Full Cage for BMPCC 6K Pro 3270

Viorel Ganea


Initially I thought it would be a simple piece of metal that would eventually disappoint me. If you know how to mount it, it will help you a lot in mounting your monitor or other extra equipment.

SmallRig Articulating Arm with Dual Ball Heads (1/4”-20 Screw) 2070

Tyler Vandenberg


Works great for a lightweight rig, I use it to secure two 20cm rods on my GH5s cage. Definitely recommend!

SmallRig Baseplate with Dual 15mm Rod Clamp 1674

Eivind Rohne


I pre-ordered 3 of these, and I must say I am thrilled after receiving them! I actually wish I hade ordered 4 or 5... They are the size of business card holders, and feel very solid with their metal casing, so the memory cards are very well protected. Each case can hold 3 SD cards and 2 Micro-SD cards. My plan is to to have 2 of these cases in my main bag; one case for unused cards, and one for used cards (I'll label the cases with used & un-used). And the third case case goes into my drone bag. Excellent product!

SmallRig Memory Card Case 2832