2022 Red Dot Design Award | For the 6 products that deserve it (1)

Posted by SmallRig on 1st Apr 2022

2022 Red Dot Design Award | For the 6 products that deserve it (1)

Recently, the 2022 Red Dot Design Award (Germany) was officially announced, and SmallRig's six products won the Red Dot Design Award for their outstanding design among many competing products around the world.

The German Red Dot Award was born in 1955, with rigorous evaluation criteria and an independent jury, has won the recognition of global consumers, and the German iF, the United States IDEA, and the world's three supreme industrial design awards, known as the "Oscars of industrial design".

The German Red Dot Design Award has always been of great interest to the industry, and in 2022 the award attracted outstanding products from about 60 countries to participate in the competition. After a multi-dimensional evaluation by an international jury of experts certified by the industry, the final selection of the winning entry is made by examining the quality of the product design, the degree of innovation, and other indicators.

What are the highlights of the six award-winning products that stand out from the rest? Come along and explore.

Canon EOS R5 "Black Mamba" Series Expansion Kit

The SmallRig "Black Mamba" series, which started with the Canon EOS R5, overturned the traditional shape of the expansion frame and adopted utility model patents and design patents to present a refreshingly light structure, making it the most popular expansion kit series among users.

Since then, SmallRig has created exclusive expansion kits for Canon EOS R5 C, Panasonic LUMIX GH6, Panasonic LUMIX S5, and other models, continuing the "Black Mamba" design concept and style that combines bionic design, hardcore skeletal sense, and structural hierarchy. Based on the classic, write a new chapter!

Design Features

① Exclusive patent, avoid empty camera-top button

② Ergonomic + lightweight design, comfortable to hold

③ Expansion frame with built-in Aka quick release plate

④ With HDMI & USB-C cable clip and "Black Mamba" series upper handheld, help professional creation

SmallRig “Black Mamba” Handheld Kit for Canon EOS R5 C 3891

SmallRig “Black Mamba” Camera Cage for Canon EOS R5 C 3890

BMPCC 6K Pro Advanced Expansion Kit

The BMPCC 6K Pro Advanced Expansion Kit is designed for one-man operations, with SmallRig Smog's perfect product ecosystem, providing users with flexible shooting solutions to help creators deal with all kinds of shooting scenarios with ease!

Design Features

① Through the Pogo pin contact connector can be used with the original battery handle

② Aviation aluminum, tight fit, strong and durable

③ With multiple accessories to help professional shooting

④ Overall quick release design, improves shooting efficiency

⑥ Built-in wrench, easy to disassemble the expansion frame

SmallRig Full Camera Cage for BMPCC 6K Pro 3270

SmallRig Professional Accessory Kit for BMPCC 6K Pro 3299

iPhone 13 Pro Series Dedicated Expansion Cage

With its exquisite construction and wide application, SmallRig iPhone 13 Pro series dedicated expansion frame has been on the TOP list of hot selling products, and this time it has won the Red Dot Award, with both user reputation and professional recognition.

In the product design concept, the expansion frame not only protects the phone but also upgrades the functions and configuration for the iPhone 13 Pro / Pro Max's photography style, allowing the phone equipped with the expansion frame to maximize its powerful photography performance to meet the application of scenarios including Vlog, live streaming, stabilizer/tripod shooting, car, drone, etc.

Design Features

① Real modeling, compact fit

② The lens backplate is interchangeable and supports the connection of an M-mount or 17mm threaded lens

③ Accurate opening of the lens backplate does not block the super wide-angle lens framing, does not affect the normal work of the LiDAR scanner

④Adapted to a variety of models of traversing machines, open dual-camera flight shooting mode

SmallRig Mobile Video Cage for iPhone 13 Pro Max 3561

SmallRig Mobile Video Cage for iPhone 13 Pro 3562

Please see the next blog for the other three winning products.

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