2022 Red Dot Design Award | For the 6 products that deserve it (2)

Posted by SmallRig on 8th Apr 2022

2022 Red Dot Design Award | For the 6 products that deserve it (2)

Recently, the 2022 Red Dot Design Award (Germany) was officially announced, and SmallRig's six products won the Red Dot Design Award for their outstanding design among many competing products around the world.

The German Red Dot Award was born in 1955, with rigorous evaluation criteria and an independent jury, has won the recognition of global consumers, and the German iF, the United States IDEA, and the world's three supreme industrial design awards, known as the "Oscars of industrial design".

The German Red Dot Design Award has always been of great interest to the industry, and in 2022 the award attracted outstanding products from about 60 countries to participate in the competition. After a multi-dimensional evaluation by an international jury of experts certified by the industry, the final selection of the winning entry is made by examining the quality of the product design, the degree of innovation, and other indicators.

What are the highlights of the six award-winning products that stand out from the rest? Come along and explore.

Wave U1 USB Condenser Microphone

It is outstanding in appearance and character. The first look at it is mesmerizing. The true intent of the microphone's hollow turbo design is to blend form, technology, and operation to take you into the ultimate experience of stepless gain adjustment.

When you turn your thumb, not only is the mechanical control fascinating but mastering the subtle changes in sound is also worth playing with.

Design Features

① Built-in hollow encoder digital signal conditioning technology to achieve real-time signal transmission and conversion

② Lightweight and fashionable, compact and portable

③ Stepless gain adjustment + real-time monitoring function

④ Self-driven, more compatible with multiple systems and devices, plug and play

⑤ Vibration and noise reduction structure design, blocking environmental noise transmission

simorr Wave U1 USB Condenser Microphone 3491(Black)

simorr Wave U1 USB Condenser Microphone (White) 3492

RM75 Magnetic Smart LED Light

From the product experience, the RM75 magnetic intelligent fill light stands out. The first four-sided magnetic design, so that photographers shooting efficiency is greatly improved, the product can be attached to any iron surface, or multiple lights arranged in combination, through the SmallGoGo App for joint control, unlock the fancy play.

Design Features

① 18mm thickness, more comfortable for a one-handed grip

② CNC full aluminum frame and carbon fiber back panel, strong and durable

③ Ergonomic operating surface, all operations can be completed by the wave wheel

④ Upgraded wireless control experience

⑤ Strong expandability, multi-scene adaptation

SmallRig RM75 Magnetic Smart LED Light 3290

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