4 Things You Need to Know about a Camera Cage

Posted by SmallRig on 3rd Mar 2022

4 Things You Need to Know about a Camera Cage

     Getting a camera to shoot high-quality videos for your YouTube channel or pursue your videography passion is an investment. As a videographer and photographer, you will need to shoot outdoor videos and take your precious camera with sensors, processors, or camera glass to different places. With the camera constantly on the move and traveling from one hand to the other, anything can happen. A slight slip of fingers or a push to the tripod stand can cause serious and costly damage.

But you don’t have to worry about the mishaps mentioned above if you have a camera cage that will improve your workflow and protect your expensive equipment. So how does the cage make it possible?

Camera Cage and Its Components

     A camera cage is a mounting system with an open metal casing that cages your camera for ultimate protection. It has multiple screw threads that work as mounting points for all your extra accessories such as microphones, external monitors, and more. For example, a camera cage has extra slots for mounting all your extra accessories.

Camera cages come in a variety of sizes and styles. Before you get a camera cage for your equipment, make sure it is right as per the body of your camera.

How to Install a Camera Cage?

    Installing a camera cage is a pretty simple process. Firstly, take the camera cage and place the base plate under the bottom of the camera. After fixing the base plate with a 1/4'' -20 screw and an anti-twist screw, then the installation is done. The base of the DSLR camera cage is usually made up of a silicone pad, so you don’t need to worry about causing any scratches on the camera body in the installation.

Functions of a Camera Cage

A camera cage brings a plethora of benefits, helping you shoot impressive videos. Here is how investing in a camera cage will benefit you in the long run.

Protect the Camera

Shooting videos with your high pixel camera requires you to be on the move constantly. With so much movement, accidents are bound to happen. In case of a fall, the lens and the camera’s body are sure to get damaged.

But if the camera is well-protected with a metal casing, the chances of sustaining heavy damage are much less. The case will bear the impact of the fall, protecting your camera and your pocket.

Smoothly Used with Better Ergonomics

Videographers prefer to use multiple accessories such as zoom lenses, monitors, matte boxes, and microphones to make their simple cameras the ideal ergonomics equipment for shooting videos. Surely you can’t carry all these add-ons in your two hands. A camera cage can ease your burden by providing you with multiple points and attachments.

Add More Mounting Points

The hot shoe which is at the top of the cage can support a microphone but adding cables and other accessories will cluster at the camera top. Besides, if you continue adding heavy equipment to the top shoe, it will put much pressure on the camera, causing its broken. In this case, you need a camera cage that is designed to provide proper accommodation for small and large accessories without affecting the camera’s functionality.

Raise the Resale Value

By protecting your camera with a cage, its resale value can be increased. When the edges of the camera are undamaged and no blemishes are destroying its beauty, you will get a good price if you want to sell your camera to get a newer model.

Express Professionalism

With the camera cage securing your camera and the accessories well-placed on the right points of attachment, you are considered to be a professional videographer who takes impressive photos with a precise optical instrument.

Benefits of Using a SmallRig L-Bracket Cage for Nikon Z 9 3714

    With all those benefits that come with a camera cage, it’s best to invest in a mounting system that is strong and fully functional. SmallRig brings you an amazing product for properly securing your Nikon Z 9 3714. The ergonomic designed SmallRig camera cage is made of aluminum and stainless steel, with its base and side plates helping you remain flexible during video shooting.

Some of the significant benefits that the SmallRig L-shaped bracket cage brings you are listed below:

  • It has extended side plates that give you more space for adding cables.
  • It supports stabilize, vertical, and horizontal shooting modes.
  • It allows you to easily replace or remove the battery without removing the camera cage.
  • The cage comes with built-in mounting ports that help you shoot multi-scenes in perfection.
  • You can effortlessly attach microphones, HDMI, and USB cables to create amazing videos.
  • It is easy to assemble and quick to disassemble.
  • The product is lightweight, making sure your overall setup remains easily moveable.

Get the Best Nikon Camera Cage Now!

    Videographers prefer Nikon Brand because it provides superior quality images and highly professional videos with its precious lens. To create more marvelous projects, you need to put protecting this expensive equipment as your top priority. Our L-shaped bracket cage for Nikon Z 9 3714 by SmallRig is ideally the best product in the market, which protects your device from any damage while shooting. Moreover, by allowing more accessories attached to the camera, our SmallRig camera cage can help you create a perfect shooting accessories collection to produce high-quality videos.