Adjustable EVF Mount with NATO Clamp ---SmallRig

Posted by SmallRig on 24th Dec 2021

Adjustable EVF Mount with NATO Clamp ---SmallRig

On September 30, 2021, SmallRig released a product that users have been looking forward to for 4 years ---Adjustable EVF Mount with NATO Clamp MD3507.

The first prototype of this EVF Mount was designed by DreamRig Master Ian Roche. This design won the love and expectation of many users in 2018.

In the past 4 years, we adopted users' suggestions and made this EVF Mount more perfect.Finally,We reduced the weight and added a stretchable structure.

The Adjustable EVF Mount with NATO Clamp MD3507 can mount a monitor and other accessories onto a camera kit, allowing free repositioning of accessories in a variety of shooting scenarios.

It supports any monitor of up to 1.5kg and enables 360-degree adjustment via three pivot points. It's also compatible with 7-inch monitors.

Its spindle arm can be extended to a maximum of 62mm to meet the demand for different monitoring distances.

With universal NATO clamps at both ends and NATO rail, you can assemble and disassemble the EVF mount quickly and mount in anywhere with no NATO rail.

In addition, the tightness of each pivot point can be adjusted via the knob wrench.

After the patented Adjustable EVF Mount was released, it received praise from many users.

Price & Availability

RRP: $119 USD ( GST included & Import tax may occur )