BMPCC Cage is perfect for Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera

Blackmagic Design Pocket cinema camera (BMPCC) abandoned battery lifetime and robustness instead of getting compact size.

Especially, the stress for mount parts when using big lends with mount adapter. BMPCC is using MFT mount, but MFT mount is not expected that it is used with big and heavy lends. Therefore, if we want to use such big lends, we need to reduce stress when using big lends by preparing lends support or some additional parts.

In addition, connecting external battery is necessary to resolve battery lifetime. Moreover, it would be better that we add cold shoe mount to attach microphones and lights, protect HDMI micro jack that is used with external LCD monitor.

There are products that can solve all of these issue on SmallRig.

BMPCC Cage 2012 was the cage renewed nowadays that is made for BMPCC. Clamping HDMI cable is improved, and preserves twisting camera and protects BMPCC moreover. Of course, it has a lot of interface.

Fixed BMPCC from top and bottom. Therefore it pulls BMPCC to both way. I recommend you should fix top screw strongly.

There is cold shoe mount on right solder of cage. It’s very useful position to attach microphone.

This is right side of cage has NATO rail. It has connectivity with EVF Mount 1594 that is monitor mount with NATO rail clamp. But be careful, it doesn’t have safety lock and it’s easily fall off. (It would be good way that you add 1/4 inch screw to bottom of rail to prevent fall off.)

The left side of cage has a big gap to access each interface such as HDMI output, DC input, LANC, Microphone input and Headphone input. It has 2 screw around HDMI jack area, HDMI cable is clamped by these fastened screw certainly.

I installed BMPCC actually. I also attached SmallRig NATO rail 1409 on top of cage to attach NATO handle.

Of course there is no interfare to access REC and Playback control buttons. When holding camera, your finger can access these button without any problem.

The BMPCC cage of bottom is ARCA SWISS compatible. It has connectivity with ARCA SWISS format head without quick shoe.

Battery and Media hatch opens correctly and it realize changing battery and media smoothly.

Here is HDMI Clamp. Previous cage HDMI clamp interfered DC and other jacks, But this mechanism realized holding HDMI cable without any interfere.

Next, I structured bottom of rig that includes rods to attach lends support. The products are SmallRig 15mm LWS System 1687Lens support 1784, and 15mm carbon rods 851.

SmallRig 15mm LWS System 1687 is 15mm light weight system(LWS) that has ARCA SWISS clamp. As I mentioned, BMPCC cage 2012 has ARCA SWISS compatible, it can be attached to cage easily.

Rods height adjust is realized by 3/16 inch hex wrench.

Lens support 1784 is lends support that is attached to 15mm rods.

Rods height adjust is realized by hand screw that is different from LWS. It’s useful that it doesn’t require any tool when changing lends.

The rubber attached around lends touch area to protect lends.

15mm carbon rods 851 is 30cm 15mm rods that made from carbon fiber. It is lighter than aluminum rods.

The edge of rods is processed correctly.

The rig that I introduce the first of this article has NATO handle 1433 with NP-F battery plate. It realized to attach heavy battery plate with keeping weight balance.

All of SmallRig Products are designed with consideration and high rigidity.

These products are getting be essential for me to use my camera more comfortably.