Camera Handgrip: A Magic Stick for Your Vlogging

Posted by SmallRig on 9th Mar 2022

Camera Handgrip: A Magic Stick for Your Vlogging

An increasing number of vloggers are taking a storm on social media. It is no surprise that these online KOLs are becoming well-known for posting their lives online through vlogging. If you are also about to start your career as an online content creator, a camera holder for vlogging can help you with that! Here's a pro-tip you need to consider to be a successful vlogger who can shoot high-quality vlogs – that is to use a multi-functional camera handgrip. Before getting into what magical changes it can bring to your videos, let’s figure out what the camera handgrip is.

Camera Hand Grip: An Introduction

Years before, a camera hand grip refers to the gripping part of a DSLR camera. However, with the new impressive stick-like camera handgrip being invented, people gradually prefer this multi-functional hand grip. In simple words, a camera handgrip is a convenient tool designed to provide a comfortable handheld shooting. As the handle changes the way to hold the camera and eliminates the possibility that exhausted trembling hands affect the smooth shooting, these handgrips are warmly welcomed by DSLR and mirrorless camera video shooters. 

Except for holding the camera, a camera hand grip has more features. SmallRig’s shooting grip, for example, can switch to a tripod or selfie stick, take photos with its wireless remote control, zoom in or out by pressing the button, indicate the battery level and so many other advantages.

How Does Using a Hand Grip Can Help Get Sharp Vlogs?

In this section, we shall talk about the perks involved in using camera hand grips. Camera hand grips' primary aim is to improve ergonomics for more comfortable shooting. Nonetheless, they are one of the most overlooked accessories that can make a massive difference in the quality of your shots. Here are some of the astounding benefits that a multi-functional camera handgrip can bring to vlog filming.

1. Remote Control

Some of the modern camera handgrips feature Bluetooth connectivity and offer wireless remote control for shooting from a long distance. The function of the handgrip can help you capture pictures and videos from a distance that allows all your targets in the same frame. With just a press of the button, you can start capturing all the beautiful smiles without extending your arms to reach your camera.

2. Grip/Tripod Switch

There are advanced camera handgrips available in the market that can also be converted into a mini camera tripod to minimize the probability of camera shake. You can simply stretch the bottom handle of your camera and transform the handgrip into a tripod, place it in a suitable position, and start shooting with the help of wireless remote control. It will help to get rid of shaky or distracting footage and make sure your shots are smooth so that the viewers can easily focus on your interesting story.

3. Extendable Selfie Stick

A Camera handgrip can also come with an extendable selfie stick that allows you to capture a full-body shot of yourself and is relatively easy to carry around than a tripod. A tripod is too bulky to handle (especially if you want to enjoy the view while shooting vlogs) and it is also significantly more expensive than a selfie stick. So, that’s another aspect to consider.

SmallRig Wireless Shooting Grip – The Editor’s Choice

Here's why we recommend the SmallRig SR-RG1 Wireless Shooting Grip 3326 as the perfect choice for your vlogging adventures!

The SmallRig SR-RG1 Wireless Shooting Grip 3326 is a flexible selfie stick and tabletop tripod with Bluetooth connectivity for compatible Sony and Canon cameras. This grip is intended to increase shooting stability, which makes it ideal for different purposes such as vlogging, live streaming, and other circumstances. The detachable and rechargeable wireless remote control shooting grip can help produce camera photos, and video by controlling zoom, focus, and other tasks, making it even easier to vlog. The grip is extensible in two stages, up to 5.9 inches, for a better selfie and a broader perspective. For more uncomplicated placement, the integrated head can tilt upward 90°, downward 90°, and spin 360°.

It is portable, lightweight, and made of enduring materials, so you can carry your hand grip on your long journeys without thinking much. When used as a selfie stick, the bottom of the handle has a 1/4"-20 threaded hole for a tripod to give a broader view and vertical shooting angle. With a payload of up to 1.5kg, it is sturdy and durable due to high-strength nylon and glass fiber (0.5kg when stretched).

Salient Features

Key Attributes of this camera handgrip includes:

  • Wireless camera shooting grip compatible with select Sony and Canon cameras
  • Two stretching levels for a better selfie and a broader perspective
  • With the help of multi-Angle Rotation, the ability to tilt 180° and rotate 360° facilitates vlogging and selfies
  • Three-in-one design can be used as a shooting grip, selfie stick, or tabletop tripod
  • Detachable wireless remote control with integrated control buttons and a USB-C charging port
  • Strong and long-lasting due to high-strength Nylon and Glass Fiber materials


There you have it – a camera handgrip is something you need to kick start your vlogging career. With its remote control, grip/tripod switch, and extendable selfie stick, the SmallRig camera handgrip goes to show that it is truly a magic stick!

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