DreamRig | Top 5 popular products

Posted by SmallRig on 25th Mar 2022

DreamRig | Top 5 popular products

What is the DreamRig project?

SmallRig has always adhered to the product development philosophy of "user-manufacturer "co-creation", involving users in the development of products, and thus the DreamRig project was born.

To date, we have provided free personalization services to over 2,000 users and have over 2 million users in over 150 countries and regions worldwide.

Let's take a look at the top 5 popular products in the DreamRig project.


Designer: Simon Abele

SmallRig iPad Tablet Cage MD2979

Many people in the photography industry like to use the iPad as a camera monitor because it's portable, easy to use, and the screen presents more comfortable colors.

Simon Abele is one of them. He came up with the idea of an iPad expansion frame that is compatible with tablets between 125mm*176mm and 225mm*270mm in width and length, including iPad/iPad mini/iPad Air/iPad Pro (except iPad Pro 12.9" 1st/2nd generation). Multiple expansion ports are built-in to meet the needs of daily use.


Designer: Simon Abele

SmallRig Mini V-Lock Assembly Kit MD2801

It was still Simon Abele who found the V-port lock to be large and non-removable, so he came up with the idea of using the V-port lock quick release and designed the lightweight and portable V-LOCK kit.

As long as the female V-port is fixed in the expansion frame backplate, tube clips, etc., you can install the battery in the position you want.


Designer: Ian Roche

SmallRig Adjustable EVF Mount with NATO Clamp MD3507

Ian Roche has been working on an EVF mount design that allows for three axes of motion, and he wanted to allow the monitor to fold up when configured for shoulder and tripod mounting. To achieve this unique feature, we worked with Ian Roche over 1272 days of pre-production communication, design, and post-production optimization, resulting in 4 prototypes and the release of the 5th!


Designer: Fredrik Mannerfelt

SmallRig Sony FX3 XLR Handle Extension Rig MD3490

When Fredrik Mannerfelt was using the XLR grip equipped with the Sony FX3 camera, he gave feedback that it didn't feel good to use and that the grip had problems such as short length and few mounting holes.

So, he designed an extension with a comfortable ergonomic grip design, additional sliders, and multiple threaded holes to make the user enjoy the shooting process more!


Designer: Reuben Pereira

SmallRig Screw and Hex Key Storage Plate MD3184

Although SmallRig Smog will come standard with enough small tools for each product, such as various sizes of screws, Allen wrenches, and so on, after a period of use, there are always some small parts "missing", when not needed can always be seen, when needed, it is easy to find.

Reuben Pereira had the idea of designing a storage plate, which can hold almost all the small parts used in the camera equipment. The storage board is designed with magnetic suction, with the use of velvet bags, when you go out shooting, as long as you take this storage board, in the shooting can be a worry-free assembly of accessories.

To Achieve Your DreamRig with

    The DreamRig website is aimed to realize the personalized needs of users in the photography industry for accessories (RIG). If there are no related accessories for the niche photography products used, and the existing accessories on the market can not meet your own use needs and other similar problems, the DreamRig product customization service will try its best to help.

     SmallRig was incorporated in 2012, and now, it is well-known for developing and providing comprehensive camera accessory solutions for creating content with cameras and mobile phones. SmallRig's camera accessories are used and trusted by over two million filmmakers worldwide, including live broadcasters, vloggers, professional video producers, and others. Furthermore, SmallRig has over 200 licensed patents in over 90 countries and regions. So, don’t hesitate to contact with SmallRig to get the best price now!