Drop-in HawkLock mini Series Officially released

Posted by SmallRig on 5th Jan 2022

Drop-in HawkLock mini Series Officially released

     Think what the user thinks! To do what the user needs! SmallRig officially released the Drop-in Hawk Lock mini Series on December 17. Just as the slogan says “Built for Quick Release Accessories Ecosystem”, let us take a closer look at how HawkLock achieves quick release.

The first feature of the Drop-in HawkLock mini series:

    It adopts an exclusive patent of dual-locking design to achieve the precise plug-in, and the assembly is sensitive and does not get stuck. In addition, it uses a triple-module design for anti-deflection and anti-loosing. It can be installed almost anywhere you want, equipped with a standard mount base, which can be quickly assembled and disassembled with different devices.

    The bottom of the support adopts cold shoe or NATO clamp design, which has wide compatibility. There is another feature is the modular design, combined as you need. The magic arm with quick-release ball head is easy to remove, making it compatible with SmallRig ball heads of the same size, The magic arm with quick release ball head is easy to disassemble, making it compatible with SmallRig ball head of the same specification, and the top of the ball head is designed with a cushion to increase friction and prevent scratches.

    Mini Size, Mighty Load-bearing

    Although the size is relatively small, it has a strong load-bearing capacity and is easy to store and carry. Generally speaking, the characteristics of this series are small, exquisite, convenient and easy to use.