Fantastic Panasonic GH3/GH4 Cage

The GH4 is an incredible camera! That is where camera cages come in. As someone who reviews gear a lot I’ve seen some pretty Camera cages and some amazing ones. Here are my top 10 picks for the best GH4 cage options currently available.

Designed to be lightweight and strong, Filmcity cage with top handle for Panasonic GH3 / GH4 is a must have tool if you wish to extend your rig for Panasonic Lumix GH3 / GH4 camera at another level.

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Now you can go back and forth from handheld shooting to a tripod without making any adjustments to your setup.

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cinema cage

-> A perfect companion for the new Panasonic GH3 / GH4 cameras

-> Durable sophisticated design

-> Easy mount base plate

-> No tools required assembly

->Strengthens the quality of your shoot producing good professional pictures

-> Thousands of satisfied customers worldwide

“What you see is what you get”, an accurate description shooters use to explain our Filmcity Camera Cage for Panasonic GH3 / GH4 camera for mounting and evaluating camera output. Marvel of sophisticated technology that easily fits your camera, your budget and is sure to please.

As advancements in camera technology continue to evolve making it easier to capture High Quality images, camera cage has become an essential production tool. We are pleased to offer it with great shipping and delivery, top quality and feel that you will see at most reasonable and affordable price tag with FILMCITY.

The GH4 Cage is not only functional, but aesthetically pleasing as well. The cage is offered in two tones of color, standard black and gunmetal gray. Panasonic isn't particularly well known for crafting cameras with subtle curves and sleek designs, so the cage enhances the body, transforming it into a burly tank. The Cube Cage sports a stylish handle and even a plate to cover your Lumix logo that you can engrave. It's truly something to behold in your hands with just enough weight to feel solid, but light enough to be nimble.

In terms of access, you can rest easy knowing that all of your buttons are accessible and nothing is blocked. You will have full access to the battery door and all of your knobs have plenty of breathing room to slide your fingers to and fro. For mounting lenses with adapters such as Metabones, you will have to remove the adapters foot so it does not conflict with the cage's base. One pitfall of the cage's design is the cut of the aluminum on the right backside is a little chunky. This will cause the precision of your thumb on the camera's wheel to take a slight hit, but nothing that can't be worked through. I've been shooting with this cage now for a good month and a half and my muscle memory is starting to adapt to compensate for the design.

But eventually you get used to the button layout if you don’t mind jogging around in the quick menu for aperture, shutter, ISO and so on. The 9.9-89mm zoom lens is generally not very sensitive to light flares, which is a good thing and therefore delivers nice contrasty images The zoom range is good (10x optical zoom) for such a compact lens, starting from 8.9mm (35mm equiv. to 27mm) at the zoom end 89mm (35mm equiv. 270mm) with an aperture from f2.8 (8.9mm) to f5.6 (89mm). Don’t bother using the Digital Zoom, it’s just a soft mess.

Although the camera is intelligent enough to compensate for exposure when you set the aperture to f5.6, you can zoom from 8.9mm to 89mm without any visible brightness jumps.

In conclusion, if you are in the market for a new cage, you can take my word that has crafted a real piece of beauty with it's camera Cage line. As with anything, products are never perfect, but this particular unit, in my eyes, is just shy of a 5 star rating. So the next time you're at a tech show and SmallRig is there, definitely swing by and check out its line of products - you might just be surprised at what you see.