From 0 to Amateur: How to Become a Successful Video Creator With SmallRig

Posted by SmallRig on 16th Dec 2021

From 0 to Amateur: How to Become a Successful Video Creator With SmallRig

From Casey Neistat to Ali Abdaal, countless are the video content creators that started with big dreams and a small budget. That alone stands to prove that to become a successful video creator it’s less about fancy gear and more about your elbow grease and commitment to produce great work.

The end of the year is the best time to plan your side hustle, new YouTube channel, or build the foundations of your future dream career. To make the shift easier, we have put together this complete list of recommendations on what SmallRig series to choose for producing quality video content.

We have divided our list of suggestions into three sections:

  • From 0 to 1 (aka “let me try this out”)
  • From Amateur to Mastery (aka “I kind of know what I’m doing”)
  • From Mastery to Greatness (aka “I pretty much close to Peter-McKinnon level”)

Without further ado, let’s jump (cut) straight to our list of recommendations!

From 0 to 1 - For Videography Beginners

Best for: beginner-level content creators and aspiring videographers

What you need: you need a handful of camera gear and accessories to get started quickly and on a budget.

Look for: a camera cage + a mini side handle + a swivel and tilt monitor mount = a three-piece combo

Combo code: 2087+2916+2346

More details:

  • The SmallRig Cage for Sony A7RIII/A7M3/A7III 2087
    • Why choose: this camera cage is designed to fit perfectly your Sony A7RIII/A7III. Mounting multiple external accessories is convenient and does not block any access to the battery, ports, and slots of your camera.
    • Price: 89$
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  • The SmallRig Mini Side Handle (1/4”-20 Screws) 2916
    • Why choose: Shooting can be tiring, especially after long periods of moving your camera around. The lightweight and portable design of this mini side handle will give you a more comfortable grip experience. Adjust the SmallRig 2916 to different cage heights and switch quickly from left to right to record your first videos.
    • Price: 26.9$
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  • The SmallRig Swivel and Tilt Monitor Mount with Cold Shoe BSE2346
    • Why choose: this 360° swivel and 140° tilt support a 5” and 7” monitor up to 1.2kg. It features holes on the thumbscrews for mounting the hex spanner. Its rubber pad on the top is designed to prevent any scratches to your camera.
    • Price: 36.9$
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From Amateur to Mastery

Best for: intermediate-level content creators and diligent videographers

What you need: as your videography needs become more sophisticated, you need a more complex but yet versatile combo of the best camera accessories.

Look for: a camera cage + a mini side handle + a swivel and tilt monitor mount + a top handle + a cable clamp + an on-camera microphone = a six-piece combo

Combo code: 2087+2913+1842+2670+1679+3452

More details:

  • The SmallRig Wooden Mini Side Handle (1/4”-20 Screws) 2913
    • Why choose: this wooden mini side handle can be adjusted to any cage height and be switched quickly from the left to the right side. Keep this side handle in mind, as its ergonomic and lightweight design will surprise you like no other similar products in the same category.
    • Price: 46.90$
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  • The SmallRig Tilt Monitor Mount 1842
    • Why choose: this 180° & lockable tilt monitor mount supports any 5” or 7” monitors weighing up to 1.5kg. Its anti-off 1/4”-20 screws allow you to hold your monitor onto a camera cage, handle, or other mounting systems. Together with its protective rubber padding, this tilt monitor comes equipped with an allen wrench for a more secure and stable mount.
    • Price: 39.9$
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  • The SmallRig NATO Top Handle with Record Start/Stop Remote Trigger for Sony Mirrorless Cameras HTN2670
    • Why choose: this NATO clamp control handle is designed to perfectly fit your Sony mirrorless camera. With its start/stop remote trigger button, you can shoot at any distance and at any moment. Its three-cold shoe mounts include a front mount with an anti-slip design for extra stability.
    • Price: 79$
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  • The SmallRig HDMI Cable Clamp for Sony a7II/a7RII/a7SII 1679
    • Why choose: this HDMI cable lamp can be attached to the SmallRig Sony series camera cages and cannon cages with its two 1/4”-20 screws. Its extra stability is ensured by its two heads that prevent the HDMI cable from any accidental dropping. This HDMI lock is also equipped with two M5 threaded holes to lock its USB cable with screws.
    • Price: 14.9$
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  • The Simorr Wave S1 Lite Compact On-Camera Microphone 3452
    • Why choose: this compact on-camera microphone can separate effectively any background noise from the main sound, also thanks to its accurate and sensitive recording and cardioid polar pattern. It removes all ambient noise and signal-noise ratio exceeding 72dB. With its battery-free, plug-and-play setup, you won’t have to worry about fixing bad audio quality on your videos.
    • Price: 26.9$
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