From Mastery to Greatness:How to Become a Successful Video Creator With SmallRig

Posted by SmallRig on 16th Dec 2021

From Mastery to Greatness:How to Become a Successful Video Creator With SmallRig

From Mastery to Greatness

Best for: bringing your videography skills to the next level

What you need: your videography skills are at the peak of mastery. However, you still need a set of accessories that lightens the burdens of your creativity and gives you more energy to focus on creating the best form of art.

Look for: a camera cage + a mini side handle + double ball heads + a universal shoulder pad kit + an on-camera microphone + a cable clamp + a mini follow focus + a mini matte box + a V-mount battery adapter plate = a nine-piece combo

Combo code: 2087+3323+1135+KGW101+3452+1679+3010+3196+3204

More details:

The SmallRig Threaded Side Handle with Record Start/Stop Remote Trigger 3323

  • Why choose: this threaded side handle is compatible with your SONY, Panasonic, FUJIFILM, and Z CAM camera. What makes this side handle so special? Well, it’s ergonomically designed to offer you the most comfortable grip experience. Pair that with its adjustable height and easy assembly/disassembly.
  • Price: 99$
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The SmallRig Double Ball Heads with Cold Shoe and Thumb Screw 1135

  • Why choose: these double ball heads can mount monitors and LED lights to DSLR through its cold shoe and thumb screw. Its ball head can rotate 180º on both ends and has a 1/4"-20 screw on top. Used to attach monitors or small lights to your camera while shooting videos, this ball head has a single locking knob for fast and safe operation.
  • Price: 7.9$
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The SmallRig Advanced Universal Shoulder Pad Kit KGW101

  • Why choose: this advanced universal shoulder pad kit is exclusively designed for small-sized cameras. It can support your creativity throughout each shooting, regardless of the type of video you’re looking to record.
  • Price: 245.9$
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The Simorr Wave S1 Lite Compact On-Camera Microphone 3452

  • Why choose: as a videography pro, you need to keep up with the quality standards of your videos and short clips. Your audio should be just as good as your video shoots. This lite compact on-camera microphone will provide you with accurate and sensitive recording, cardioid polar pattern, intelligent ambient noise reduction, and effective separation of background noise from the main sound.
  • Price: 26.9$
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The SmallRig HDMI Cable Clamp for Sony a7II/a7RII/a7SII 1679

  • Why choose: this HDMI cable clamp is especially designed to be paired with the SmallRig Sony series camera cage and cannon cage. Attached to the cage with two 1/4”-20 screws, it prevents HDMI cable from accidental dropping. This HDMI lock is also equipped with two M5 threaded holes to lock USB Cable with screws.
  • Price: 24$
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The SmallRig Mini Follow Focus 3010

  • Why choose: you can adjust the installation angle of this portable and compact mini follow focus to meet the needs of your handheld and tripod shooting scenes. Its ergonomic design with independent modules and its adjustable AB marks make this mini follow focus the perfect ally for your shootings with various lens sizes.
  • Price: 99$
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The SmallRig Mini Matte Box 3196

  • Why choose: this portable and compact mini matte box can simultaneously hold plug-in filters and round filters. It supports multiple 4 x 5.65” filters and is compatible with CPL ND filters. Choose this matte box and you will receive 4 adapter rings that can meet most of your shooting needs.
  • Price: 99$
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The SmallRig V Mount Battery Adapter Plate with Adjustable Arm 3204

  • Why choose: this adjustable arm uses a standard V-mount fit with three different output ports to provide greater battery life for your camera rig. Adjust quickly the V-mount battery position and get back to shooting in no time.
  • Price: 149$
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Ready to Get Started?

Your path to becoming a successful video content creator starts with taking massive, determinate action towards achieving your goal. We at SmallRig want to empower you to make the most out of your talent, skills, and creativity.

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