How SmallRig Makes You a Pro Filmmaker With the iPhone 13 Video Rig Kit

Posted by SmallRig on 23rd Nov 2021

How SmallRig Makes You a Pro Filmmaker With the iPhone 13 Video Rig Kit

How SmallRig Makes You a Pro Filmmaker With the iPhone 13 Video Rig Kit

How to Become a Video Director with the SmallRig iPhone 13 Video Rig Kit

iPhone Filmmaking: How to Make Movies on Your iPhone 13 With SmallRig

Go From Beginner to Seasoned Filmmaker With SmallRig’s iPhone 13 Video Rig Kit

From iPhone Pro to a Pro Movie Director: How SmallRig Helps You Make Movies With Your iPhone

You may be ready to become a content creator or bring your video quality to the next level. Either way, nowadays it’s easier than ever to record quality videos on a budget. All you need is your phone, a tripod, and an iPhone video cage for extra video stability. If you opt for the SmallRig iPhone 13 Video Kit, you’ll get everything at once - iPhone excluded.

Keep reading to learn how SmallRig can support your channel or filmmaking career with affordable and reliable iPhone video accessories, including the SmallRig iPhone 13 Cage series.

A Special Unboxing & Review From Unbox Therap

The SmallRig All-In-One Video Kit is for all those who want to shoot Hollywood-quality videos, be it for a new movie you’re working on or for your social channel. With this iPhone 13 Cage and related accessories, you can share videos with an unprecedented level of detail with your community on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, or anywhere else you’re publishing your content.

Tech commentator Lewis Hilsenteger has millions of subscribers to his YouTube channel “Unbox Therapy.” So, it was a big deal when he unboxed the All-In-One Video Kit for Smartphone Creators and praised its quality. Check out the full video to see this Video Kit in action.

“With its better grip and mountable lights, this Video Kit turns your smartphone into a more professional type of rig.”

Some highlights from his review:

● “The whole thing fits inside a hard-shell carrying case where there’s a spot for everything”;

● “The main cage is made of aluminum and is very lightweight. It locks easily and can be moved around for extra smooth transitions”;

● “Its compact mic clips in easily, and all the micro wobbles are absorbed by the mount”;

● “Its LED light can move from warmer to cooler tones to better match the ambient light”;

● “The Video Kit contains a portable tripod that is fairly robust to create firm pins as you move your camera across”;

● “Moving the SmallRig Video Kit fits big phones without a problem. You can pick it up easily and have multiple points of contact both for vlogging and for shooting”;

● “When you want to use your phone again, it’s as simple as yanking a cable out and loosening one screw. The phone will then come out beautifully, without the need to mess around”;

“The beauty of a setup like this is that you can go from making moves with your camera to a stand-in-front and talk type of setup without the need to take anything out of the rig.”

So what’s the final verdict of Lewis’ unboxing & review?

“With this All-In-One Video Kit, you get something you already own - your smartphone - and amp it up a notch with a variety of attachments that you can keep together and know they’ll all work together in tandem.”

More About SmallRig’s Solutions for Aspiring Filmmakers
The All-In-One Video Kit for Smartphone Creators is one of our latest product collections. It’s designed to boost the portability and flexibility of your smartphone filmmaking. With this smartphone video kit, you can focus more on unleashing your creativity without worrying about carrying heavy camera gear all around. Take advantage of all the inspiration you can get from your environment. Take quality videos with only your smartphone, anytime and anywhere.

The All-In-One Video Kit for Smartphone Creators contains the following accessories:

● A compact on-camera microphone - The Simorr Wave S1 Lite Compact On-Camera Microphone 3452;

● A lightweight side handle - The SmallRig Lightweight Side Handle for Smartphone Cage 2772;

● A portable LED light - The Simorr P96 Video LED Light 3286;

● A mobile video cage - The SmallRig Mobile Video Cage for iPhone 13 Pro Max 3561 or the SmallRig Mobile Video Cage for iPhone 13 Pro 3562;

● A mini tripod - The SmallRig Tabletop Mini Tripod with Panoramic Ball Head BUT2664;

You can get the full Video Kit here or purchase each element separately. Let’s review each of the components of this SmallRig video kit and how they can help boost the quality of your videos.
A Compact On-Camera Microphone - The Simorr Wave S1

The metal dust screen of this compact on-camera microphone helps cut most environmental noise without compromising on its resistance and durability. Mount this on-camera microphone on your favorite camera equipment, from DSLRs and cameras to camcorders and smartphones. Recording high-quality videos with crisp and clear sound has never been easier!

A Lightweight Side Handle - The SmallRig Side Handle for Smartphone Cage

Creating content takes energy and thought. Focus your creative energy on shooting the best videos for your channel or project. With the SmallRig Side Handle for Smartphone Cage, holding your smartphone cage for long periods won’t be a challenge anymore. This side handle is designed to improve the comfort of your grip for a more lasting and stable phone shooting.

A Portable LED Light - The Simorr P96 Video LED Light

Say good-bye to terribly lit videos where all you see is a pitch-black dark environment. With the Simorr P96 Video LED Light, you can shoot in the dark or indoor for up to 13.5 hours. Equipped with 96 high CRI lamp beads, this lightweight, portable, and compact LED light allows for multi-lights setup and multiple mounting ways. Its high CRI 95+ presents the true colors of the objects you’re shooting in your videos.

A Mobile Video Cage - The SmallRig Mobile Video Cage for iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max

These SmallRig Mobile Video Cages can be locked onto your iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max with a simple “click.” Don’t worry about your phone eventually shaking after the mobile video cage has been locked. The SmallRig Mobile Video Cages are designed to break the burdens of your creativity without blocking your view or affecting the quality of your videos.

A Mini Tripod - The SmallRig Tabletop Mini Tripod with Panoramic Ball Head

This aluminum-alloy tabletop mini tripod supports all sorts of portable filmmaking devices, from compact DSLRs to mirrorless cameras up to smartphones, action cameras, and more. Level up your panoramic photography skills with its 360’ panoramic head rotation and its accurate calibration. Its knob-ball head supports multi-angle adjustments, allowing you to switch quickly from vertical shooting to horizontal shooting and vice versa.

Good reviews from our customers.

Photos by @thiagorodrigueschannel

Photo by @Driftt

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Content creation is fun but also a tiring process. When shooting videos takes so much of your creative energy, it’s easy to feel drained. We at SmallRig have designed a whole series of camera and smartphone accessories to support your filmmaking creativity.

Our motto is “small rig, big dream.” Your video project or channel might be starting small, but it will eventually grow into something bigger as you keep working on your filmmaking skills.

All the SmallRig accessories are designed by creatives for creatives. We know what it feels like to get started on your creative project. We’re familiar with the struggles and hardships of creating content, especially when you’re so engaged with your project that you only want to do your best for it.

While we can’t take your place in shooting your videos, we can at least support you with the most lightweight, portable, and versatile camera rigs and cages. Combine any SmallRig accessories together or use them alone. Attach them to your camera or smartphone, just as you wish. What matters is the result, not the means you took to achieve it.

Check out our wide collection of smartphone video rigs and cages to invest in your smartphone filmmaking skills today.