How to Choose the Best Camera Matte Box for Your Camera?

Posted by SmallRig on 16th Mar 2022

How to Choose the Best Camera Matte Box for Your Camera?

When you are outside and shooting videos from different angles, you need extra equipment to complete stunning videos. Though many tools can help you with the recording process, a camera matte box can bring extra convenience to you. This handy accessory prevents glare, helps you work with different lenses, and even protects your camera lens. 

You can find camera matte boxes in various sizes and weights in the market. So, which types of camera matte boxes should you choose? This brief guide is all about choosing a camera matte box ideal for your production kit.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Matte Box

Consider the Using situation: Mobile or Fixed?

Matte boxes are designed to be lightweight and sturdy. But you need to consider the overall weight of the rig, especially if you are always on the run during shooting. The equipment should be light in weight for mobile videographers, making it easy to carry it around. If you have a fixed setup, you can opt for a bit heavier camera matte box.

Consider the Shooting Environment: Narrow or Open?

With so many matte box sizes available, picking the right size can be quite difficult. To get the perfect size of a matte box, you need to figure out your shooting requirements, as the size of the matte box depends upon the shooting scenarios. For example, you need a bigger camera matte box with more mounting options for shooting outdoors. But if the video will be recorded within your studio, a small matte with flags is sufficient.

Consider the Width of the Lens: Large or Small?

The inner ring of your matte box should perfectly match the camera lens. A ring smaller than the camera lens will not work well. 

For example, if you are out in an open area, you will have to use different lenses to capture images from far and wide. Now, the size of your matte box limits the focal length of the lens used with the matte box. So, for outside shoots, consider the widest lens and the lens's front diameter, and then choose the size of the matte box accordingly.

Consider the Accessories: More or Less?

Most often, matte boxes come with a broader frame enabling professionals to add a range of accessories to them. If you want more mounting options, opt for a matte box with several mounts. However, a simple rig would be working if you just need basic functions.

Features to Look for When Buying the Matte Box


As discussed before, weight matters. For handheld shooting, lightweight matte boxes are recommended, which make it easier to carry the kit around. If you have a fixed camera, you can opt for a matte box with more mounting options. Some camera accessories suppliers provide multiple types of camera matte boxes with different weights, just like what SmallRig does.


The size of your matte box should be according to your camera and must align with your camera lens. This way, you will get a good focal point from all angles. SmallRig offers mini-size and normal sizes for consumers to choose from.

Adapter Ring

The adapter ring is a circular accessory having threads on both sides of the filter with two different diameters. The adapter rings allow you to use a circular camera lens with a different diameter. Camera matte boxes come with different adapter rings varying in diameter. Consider the material and diameter of the adapter ring that comes with the matte box to be perfectly fitted.


If you want to be more professional, invest in quality material for your matte box. The matte box should be light but strong and sturdy, ensuring the whole set is portable and durable. SmallRig camera matte boxes are made of Aluminum and carbon fiber materials which are good choices.

French Flags

Make sure the camera matte box has French Flags at the top as they offer additional glare protection for handling specific light problems. However, if you want to avoid flare altogether, look for a matte box having flags on the side as well.

Filter Adding

You can also opt for a camera matte box with extra filters. Filter trays with the matte box support to attach filters. They also prevent light from leaking through the edges. SmallRig camera matte boxes are designed with filters inserting ports, maximizing your convenience to express your creativity.

Benefits of using SmallRig Matte Box

SmallRig brings you some high-quality matte boxes packed with all the features you need in your videography kit. Here we are briefly discussing the features of different SmallRig matte boxes in helping you effectively shoot videos both indoors and outdoors.

Lightweight Matte Box 2660

SmallRig Matte Box 2660 is made of aluminum and carbon fiber with a weight of only 238 g. The lightweight design of the SmallRig matte box makes it an ideal choice for DSLRs and on-the-run shooting. The benefits that you can enjoy with this product include:

  • The box comes with four adaptor rings.
  • The flag at the top prevents sunlight and bright light from reaching the lens.
  • The box's design can also accommodate a 15mm LWS rod system. The rod can be adjusted vertically and horizontally.
  • The kit also has a 95-114 mm threaded adapter ring.
  • It has four screw holes where you can mount your accessories.

mini Matte Box 3196

mini Matte Box 3196 is another product preferred by users who want to keep things light. Here is why we love it:

  • It comes with 4 adaptor rings of different sizes.
  • The top holes are suitable for mounting different accessories.
  • It can fit various lenses and also has filter trays.
  • The assembling and disassembling is super quick.

mini Matte Box Pro 3680

If you require a larger setup and work with more filters and rings, this mini Matte Box Pro 3680 is the best pick. It supports multiple plug-in filters and a circular lens simultaneously. It is easy to install and below are the following benefits:

  • You can adjust circular filters of varying diameters along with the adapter ring.
  • The adapter rings are installed using the downward method. This helps you avoid the effect of vignetting.
  • The kit comes with 4 adaptor rings and 2 filter trays.
  • To further reduce the effect of glare, you can add the two side flags as well.


No matter what level of shooting professionalism, for example, a professional photographer or an amateur, you need the right camera gears to make your work stand out. And when it comes to camera accessories, there are no better names to trust other than SmallRig. With our extensive experience in delivering superior-quality products since 2012, our products are preferred by more than two million creators worldwide, including broadcasting experts, bloggers, and professional video producers.

If you want to make your photos and videos popular, check out SmallRig's wide variety of camera tools and accessories and create more attractive and professional content.