RC 120 Point-Source Video Lights - Powerful Lighting Solutions

Posted by SmallRig on 30th Mar 2022

RC 120 Point-Source Video Lights - Powerful Lighting Solutions

    For the past decade, SmallRig has been developing and delivering complete accessories to over 2 million content creators worldwide. Over the years, more and more users have asked SmallRig, "Are there plans to produce video lights? I use SmallRig's products regularly and I would like to offer the same brand of lighting products."

    John Jiang, Chief Marketing Officer of SmallRig, said. "Given the high expectations of our users, SmallRig is pushing boundaries and expanding its product categories to maximize creative output. After years of design and development and significant advances in COB technology, our first RC 120 is equipped with a point source video light for outstanding performance across a wide range of creations."

Powerful Lighting Solutions- RC 120 Point-Source Video Lights

  1.   The video lights have high brightness. With the hyper reflector, the RC 120D (120 W) achieves an average illuminance of 62,600 lux at 1 meter and the RC 120B (120 W) achieves an average illuminance of 52,800 lux at 1 meter.
  2. High color accuracy: With a CRI value of 95+ and a TLCI value of 96+, the RC 120 series luminaires provide accurate color rendering and stable color performance.
  3. Intelligent lighting remote control: The SmallGoGo app allows you to simultaneously control multiple SmallRig lights at a distance of up to 100 m, thus not limiting flexibility and creativity.
  4. With Ultra-Quiet Active Cooling System, the lights can function stably, safely, and continuously.
  5. Standard Bowens mount can help the lights to be fully compatible with various light shaping accessories to create the desired lighting effects.
  6. The lights feature a dual power supply system. They support the AC power supply for studio use or V-mount batteries for recreational use.

    SmallRig was incorporated in 2012, and now, it is well-known for developing and providing comprehensive camera accessory solutions for creating content with cameras and mobile phones. SmallRig's camera accessories are used and trusted by over two million filmmakers worldwide, including live broadcasters, vloggers, professional video producers, and others. Furthermore, SmallRig has over 200 licensed patents in over 90 countries and regions. So, don’t hesitate to contact with SmallRig to get the best price now!