Selected popular items for iPhone 13

Posted by SmallRig on 18th Mar 2022

Selected popular items for iPhone 13

iPhone 13 Pro dedicated cage

    The cinematic mode of the iPhone 13 can add a more authentic video-like out-of-focus effect, yet automatically keeps the subject in focus, making it easy to shoot authentic cinematic video.

    The scalability of the SmallRig's iPhone 13 cage allows you to connect LED lights, tripods, microphones, mini tripods, and more for an amazing mobile vlogging rig SmallRig also offers a variety of unique attachments, including a top handle and side, handles It helps provide stability when hand-held during filming. This is the all-in-one kit you have come to need for video recording.

SmallRig iPhone 13 Cage Features

  1. Expandable, handle, and accessories such as microphone and light can be attached at the same time
  2.  Allows attaching M-mount or 17mm threaded lenses by replacing the back plate.
  3. Maintains access to iPhone buttons, ports and allows using radar, ultra-wide-angle lenses, and wireless charging.
  4. Quick-lock design makes it easy to use.
  5. Metal full cage and built-in shims protect smartphone and prevent vibration and scratches.

    SmallRig's sub-brands "simorr" will also be a newly launched brand based on the principles of "fashion", "high quality", and "easy to use". It will continue to offer lightweight and easy-to-use accessories mainly for short video and Vlog shoots.

     simorr Vigor VK-30 Vlog Kit is a generic phone set. Sophisticated design, suitable for women. It also comes with a tripod and a light, making it a set that allows you to enjoy vlogging with ease.


1. Sophisticated design, love-at-first-sight white

2. Portable, small and light

3. Comes with a dedicated storage box, the ultimate in storage

4. 13-step stretch, your choice of framing: tripod storage length 16cm, 3-step stretch, maximum height 30cm

5. 150° tilt angle, firm and stable: central axis stabilizer and tripod tilt angle as high as 50°.

6. 12 color temperature, unlimited fill light: color temperature range 2700K-6500K, can reach up to 13.5 hours

SmallRig Mobile Video Cage for iPhone 13 Pro Max (ID:3561)

SmallRig Mobile Video Cage for iPhone 13 Pro(ID:3562)

simorr Vigor VK-30 Vlog Kit White Special Edition (ID:3596)

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