​SmallRig Cage 2125 for Panasonic G9

Posted by William Svrček on 20th May 2019

​SmallRig Cage 2125 for Panasonic G9

In this blog we will take a look at brand new SmallRig cage 2125 for Panasonic G9. Just like other SmallRig cages that I have tested so far, the G9 cage is very high-quality product with very precise CNC machining. It is made of aluminum alloy with matt black surface finishing, which is in my experience very durable. The weight of this cage is 204g, which is very light for the cage for mid-size camera such as Panasonic G9. Overall, I don’t have any complaints about the build quality of this cage.

The camera fits inside of the cage very precisely. The installation is very easy, you just need to secure the camera to the cage using the quarter ich screw on the bottom of your G9. There are also rubber pads on the bottom side of the cage, so the G9 will not slide inside of the cage.

Some of the SmallRig cages are meant to be build up by adding accessories onto the cage, but this particular cage is highly functional by itself. There is an Arca plate on the bottom of the cage, so you can mount it on your Arca compatible tripod head without additional plates. There are NATO rails on both sides of the cage. I personally really like that and if I need some cage accessory, like the handle for example, I always go for with NATO attachment, because it is very easy to attach and detach accessories using NATO quick release mechanism. SmallRig released new ambidextrous pistol style grip 2187 with NATO attachment, which is very suitable for this cage.

On the left NATO rail there is also thread for HDMI clamp reference 1822, which can be used to secure full-size HDMI cable to you G9.

On the top of the cage there is cold shoe mount on the left side for attaching the microphone for example. It is off-set in front of the camera, so the mic doesn’t block the mode dial and it is also close to the mic jack on the G9, so I like this placement as well.

On the right side there are two ¼-inch threads. You can put for example cold shoe extension there and in the middle part there are additional ¼-inch threads and 3/8-inch thread with Arri locating pins. I highly recommend getting a NATO rail reference 1409 and installing it there, so that you can use it with top handle with NATO mount, like my favorite 1955 handle for example.

In the bottom right corner there is also loop for mounting a strap. I personally use it to attach Peak Design anchor there. On the front of the cage are two threads that you can use to secure Metabones Speedbooster to the cage, which will help distribute the weight of larger lenses while using Metabones Speedbooster.

All of the buttons and dials on the camera are perfectly accessible, including the dials and buttons on the top of the camera. The view on the top display is a bit limited at certain angles, but I personally don’t look at that display much, so I don’t really mind that. The rotatable screen is not being obstructed by the cage at all, so you can adjust it however you want to. The battery hatch and SD card compartment are fully accessible as well.

What I personally intend to do with this cage, is to use it to attach the Atomos Ninja V on the cage using the top handle 1955 setup. The G9 can also record 4K up to 60p for unlimited time when using external recorder, so this is how in intend to utilize it.

The second reason why this cage is very useful for me is that when you add a handle to this cage, you have much better control of the camera, so you can hold it much steadier, and make much smoother camera movements. In combination with incredible 6,5 stop IBIS and lens stabilization it makes the video super smooth. It is really excellent run and gun setup and it significantly decreases number of occasions where I need to use a gimbal.

Overall, the SmallRig cage for Panasonic G9 is very well made and highly functional cage that enables you to use many different accessories with your G9 using threads or NATO rails. In combination with handle it also gives you more control over the camera and it is well suited specifically for the use of the G9, so I am very happy with this cage.