SmallRig Cage and L-bracket for A7RIV

Posted by Marc Alhadeff on 17th Dec 2019

SmallRig Cage and L-bracket for A7RIV




4.Half cage


1 Introduction

Why should you have an Cage or a L-Bracket for your A7RIV ? Mainly to connect video accessories and still have an easy and secure grip and handling

  • Microphone
  • Detachable top handle
  • HDMI clamp
  • External monitor
  • Wooden hand grip

SmallRig has designed a specific cage and L-Bracket for the Sony A7RIV on which you can connecta lot of accessories

2 A7RIV cage – Ref CCS2416

2.1 Specifications

see also here  CCS2416:

  • Product Dimensions: 148 x 106.5x 64mm
  • Net Weight: 230g
  • Material(s): Aluminum Alloy
  • Price : 70$

The cage include

  • Camera is firmly fixed to the cage by a 1/4 screw and a M2.5 screw
  • Multiple 1/4’’-20 & 3/8’’-16 threaded holes and ARRI locating holes
  • Built-in cold shoe mount and NATO rail
  • Built-in screw driver on the bottom

2.2 A7RIV Cage CCS2416

The base cage in itself is extremely well built : smooth finish, perfect holes, rigid, exactly adjusted to the A7RIV body.

2.3 In use

Mounting / unmounting the camera is easy and the Sony A7RIV fits nicely and perfectly in the cage. Be aware if you have a large lens as you will need to un mount it to fix the camera in the cage

The bottom of the cage allow a perfect access to change the battery if needed

All Video / USB / Microphone / Memory cards slots stays also perfectly accessible as well as top dial and custom buttons, back screen can flip without any issue

2.3 Comparison with previous model

Compared to previous model for A7RIII Cage 2087, the new one has lighter design with less holes and a more “curved design”. Mostly the side panel are less wide and it feels better in the hand

2.4 Cage accessories

Basic Kit: see also my review of the A7III / A7RIII cage here

There is not yet a kit proposed but you can order the same accessories as for the A7III cage


Handles Accessories : see my review here

EVF Monitor holder accessories see my review here

3 The A7RIV L Bracket LCS2417

The reference for the  A7RIV L-bracket is LCS2417 , see also my review of the A7III L-bracket here

3.1 Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 144.5 x 64.5x 91mm
  • Net Weight: 180g
  • Price : 59$
  • Material(s): Aluminum Alloy

3.2 The A7RIV L-bracket LCS2417

An L- Bracket allows for a easy switch from horizontal to vertical position on a tripod using an ArcaSwiss plate , but also to mount some accessories like a microphone thanks to the  SmallRig Cold Shoe Mount 1593 or to better fix video cables with the SmallRig Cable Clamp 2259

The side plate can be extended to left by 26mm if you need more room for tethering or cable release. It is compatible with the Peak Design Clutch and other hand straps. A flat-head screwdriver is fixed on the side plate. What’s more, it features soft leather pad on the grip part for added comfort.

3.3 In Use

The textured pad and the built in plate screwdriver are real plus vs the previous version

  • Access to there video ports

  • The bottom of the L-Bracket allow a perfect access to change the battery if needed

4 The Half Cage 2238

The Smallrig 2238 half cage is fully compatible with A7 2nd, 4rd and 4th generation & the A9

The Smallrig 2238 Half cage for A7RIII (330g) is the very good comprise between ease of handling and expansion capabilities

  • It allow to fix sturdily many accessories thanks to 2 Arri places
  •            * 1 nato rail on the left
  •            * Numerous holes
  • 1 Arca Swiss plate is built in to easily remove the body from the cage and fix it directly on a tripod with Arca Swiss fixation
  • You don’t need to unmount the lens to slot the camera + lens into the cage (you need to do so for the full cage)

Like for the full cage , the Smallrig 2174 monitor mount with Arri locating pins can be fixed centrally or on the left

5 Conclusion

The  SmallRig A7RIV cage CCS2416 (70$) SmallRig A7RIV L-bracket LCS2417 (59$) are very good upgrade from the A7 gen 3 version

They are a must if you start to use your A7RIV with accessories like microphone or external monitor ou if you want a better grip in video mode

As usual with SmallRig they offer

  • A very High quality product ,
  • Very well designed : battery door accessible , video ports access, nice fit
  • Very reasonable price (<70$)
  • And can be completed by many accessories : e.g Wooden hand grip, monitor support

The only issue is when you buy your first SmallRig is that you will quickly want more of them!