SmallRig cage for BMPCC series is filmed in Tenet

Posted by SmallRig on 4th Sep 2020

SmallRig cage for BMPCC series is filmed in Tenet

Dear filmmakers and content creators,

Hope you and your family are doing well.

2020 is a very special year. COVID-19 has a huge impact to our life, and the situation is particularly severe for us filmmakers.

To control the spread of the virus, most movie theaters had shut down, and all film and television shooting was suspended. Everything about film and television seems to be paused.

During the most difficult days, SmallRig sent medical supplies as well as shooting equipment to content creators from the front line against COVID-19. We stood together with you for a good fight.

Until recently, the opening of the movie theater gave all filmmakers a boost, meanwhile, shooting projects have resumed one after another. Everything is getting better and better.

As a big fan of Director Nolan, we expect every film from him. When we saw SmallRig product in his newest movie Tenet, it is hard to describe our happiness and we want to share our excitement with everyone!

SmallRig cage for BMPCC series is filmed in Tenet - the cage is also one of the best-selling products in our history.

Showing up in Hollywood movies even for a few seconds is so exiting. In the past few hours, we received messages from our friends and users, congratulating our product on Nolan’s movie.

To appreciate your support and help, we prepared free movie tickets, hoping to share the hapiness with our friends. Let’s walk into the cinema together and support the development of the film and television industry with practical actions. Please check out the giveaway details on our FB and Instgram Pages:

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Thanks very much for your support as always. Thank YOU ALL.