SmallRig Camera Cage Buyer’s Guide for  2022

Posted by SmallRig on 7th Jan 2022

SmallRig Camera Cage Buyer’s Guide for 2022

We at SmallRig have compiled an extensive guide on the best camera cages to level up your videography skills in 2022. Keep reading to find out our product recommendations and more useful buying tips!

Our Best Camera Cages Recommendation

Don’t let the “small” in SmallRig mislead you. Instead, we have an unending series of product collections designed by creatives for other creatives like you.

From stabilizer rigs and shoulder rigs to camera cages and more, you can find (almost) everything you need to create quality videos without breaking a bank for your camera gear.

To save you the time and work of hunting down some of our best products, we have collected some of our picks for leveling up your videography skills in 2022.

Since there’s a lot that we could share, we will start with the best camera cages to invest your bucks for your best video content.

Best Camera Cages & Rigs

Winner: the SmallRig Camera Cage 2087 for Sony A7RIII/A7M3/A7III

Videography level: ⭐/⭐⭐/⭐⭐⭐ (good for amateurs, experienced videographers, and professionals)

Price: $89

Why choose: this camera cage is designed to fit your Sony A7RIII/A7III perfectly. Mounting multiple external accessories is convenient and does not block any access to your camera’s battery, ports, and slots.

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How to Select the Best Cage for Your Camera

Camera cages are among those camera accessories that you probably wouldn’t think of at first thought. For example, you might first opt for a microphone, new lenses, or probably even a camera bag. And yet, camera cages are more indispensable than you might think.

Below we will review together why you should invest in a cage for your camera and where to get started in your path to picking one.

Why Should You Invest in a Reliable Camera Cage?

Camera cages are a humble accessory that often doesn’t get enough attention. However, it’s always better to prevent any damage to your camera than to deal with the consequences of any slips or damage.

Short answer: investing in a quality camera cage will protect your camera from damage on set while also increasing its handling ability;

Long answer: there are many good reasons why you should invest in a reliable camera cage. Let’s review some of the main ones here below:

1. More protection

Shooting videos involves a lot of movements. When you’re focused on your subject, it’s easy to see how many accidents could happen. A camera cage helps save the outside of your camera from getting damaged if it’s dropped or scrapped. In particular, this accessory protects the most vulnerable parts of your camera, including the camera to lens mount and the top plate accessory shoe;

2. Better ergonomics

Once you equip your camera with many accessories, it can become heavy to carry around for extended periods. For example, when you select a cage equipped with handles at any stage of your promising career as a videomaker, moving your camera around will become much easier and more convenient.

3. Multiple mounting points

As your videography skills grow, you’ll rely more on a vast series of camera accessories. A camera cage provides you with more mounting points, which you can customize to your individual needs.

4. Higher resale value

Most content creators prefer starting small and then building up their camera gear as their projects develop further. You’ll need to resell your camera and upgrade to a more advanced model in many cases. For example, without a level camera cage, you could be limiting the resale price of your used camera. Imagine trying to sell a model that is even partially scratched or damaged to someone. With a camera cage, you can not only say goodbye to most marks and blemishes on your camera.

What to Consider When Buying a Camera Cage?

Your camera brand & type

Not all cameras are made equal. The cage’s dimensions and structure change according to the camera brand and model you already own or plan to buy soon. From Sony and FUJIFILM to Canon and Nikon, start with considering this factor for your next purchase.

The manufacturer

Check any online marketplace, and you’ll find endless numbers of camera cages at different pricing levels. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers are just as trustworthy in selling you camera cages that perform as described. Besides doing your research, try to stick to one single manufacturer when you buy your camera cage. This way, you can ensure that each component of your camera cage - be it for mounting points or screw types - matches and fits perfectly together.

The options for further gear updates

There are a ton of camera accessories you can invest in to make your camera look more professional and impress clients. Camera cages are among one of the most impressive types. When you’re looking to buy one, make sure that you leave the door open for future gear updates in the future.

The options for extra customization

A camera cage provides extra mounting points for attaching and using other camera accessories. Some of the most common types include but are not limited to external monitors, microphones, lights, transmitters for wireless videos, and more.

The price range

A higher price range doesn’t always equal more stability and protection for your camera. We at SmallRig believe that quality shouldn’t come at the expense of trespassing your budget threshold. That’s why we design camera accessories that are just as functional as they’re affordable.

Why Choose a SmallRig Camera Cage?

Well, we can’t be completely impartial in answering this question. Instead, check out our camera cages product collection, and you’ll notice the extensive list of options at your disposal.

We have over 144 camera cages available in our product inventory. We can cover most of the world-known camera brands, from Panasonic and GoPro to FUJIFILM and SIGMA. Of course, we’ve got your back covered even if you own a camera model from more famous brands, including SONY, Canon, Nikon, and more.

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No time of year inspires more generosity than the holidays. And we at SmallRig make no exception. We hope these tips on choosing a camera cage will help boost your creative project in the upcoming year.

We can’t wait to help light your creative spark for another year and counting. You know that at any stage of your promising career as a videomaker, you can always count on the reliable and functional camera accessories you can find at SmallRig - Camera cages included.

Keep up the good work in 2022!