SmallRig L-Bracket for Sony A7III/A9

  1. Introduction
  2. SmallRig
  3. L-Bracket
  4. In Use
  5. SmallRig ecosystem
  6. Conclusion

1 Introduction

Why should you have an L bracket for your A7III/A7RIII or A9? Mainly to allow for a easy switch from horizontal to vertical position on a tripod using an Arca Swiss plate

But SmallRig L-bracket takes it to the next level by adding a 2cm height grip over the full plate which ease the handling of the A7III on the day to day

2 Small Rig

SmallRig is a Chinese company specialized in video/tripod accessories

I had already ordered some Video cage and Bracket from Generic Accessories companies like Andoer / Neewer but was very disappointed by the design and quality , it seems sometimes, they never mount it really on the intended camera and the overall perception was “not very reliable”

I did not wanted to spent a fortune on high end cage or L-Bracket from e.g. RRS and decided to test the SmallRig products that on papers seems well designed

When I received my parcel , I immediately knew I had some serious stuff in the hand

  • Every items was packed in thick high quality transparent pouch
  • Every part was well finished with perfect edges and polish, and fits nicely with the other parts
  • Sliding part were moving without any issues and very smoothly
  • Provided screws were very solid

3 The L-Bracket – Ref 2122

3.1 Specifications

see also here:

  • Weight:170 gr
  • Price : 51 $
  • Aluminum Alloy with anti rust paint

3.2 Assessment

Mounting the L bracket is very easy with the slidable side plate and when done you directly notice it fits the body perfectly

Details are also perfectly designed:

  • Enough space for the camera eyelet and compatible with Peakdesign quick connectors
  • Accessibility to USB/Jack/HDMI doors
  • Battery door accessible
  • The 20mm height add a perfect height to improve the overall grip on the camera
  • Built in Allen wrench attached magnetically on the bottom (very smart!)
  • Slidable slide plate for easy mounting
  • Put it on a table it is very stable

The overall build quality is very high and the coupling with the A7RIII is perfect.

4 In Use

Having a Manfrotto Tripod with 200PL plate I have mounted a converter to ArcaSwiss

Switching my A7R3 horizontally or vertically was done very easily in a few seconds

With the enhanced grip it provide I have also now decided to let the L bracket on a permanent basis on my A7RIII instead of the Sony GPX1EM that offer a good grip but that blocks the battery door and does not allow to put the camera horizontally on a plane surface.

5 Small Rig ecosystem

The L-Bracket is just one of the available accessories for Sony cameras that Smallrig produce

Their catalogue of accessories covers all A7 series, A9 and A6000 series and include tons of options to match every needs and to build progressively a complete system

6 Conclusion

The SmallRig L-Bracket 2122 for Sony A7III,A7RIII, A9 is

  • A very High quality product ,
  • Very well designed : battery door, slidable plate, Allen wrench….
  • Very reasonable / cheap price (50$) with a quality equal to the RRS sold at 200$ and better designed
  • And can be completed by many accessories : e.g. a cold shoe mount for a microphone (ref 1593)

The only issue is when you buy your first SmallRig is that you will quickly want more of them!