SmallRig Products Review

I've really tried so many camera cages of so many different brands but SmallRig's is definitely the best in the market.

Arrived in the expected times and the assistance was very nice. 

Before ordering the cage I wanted to sell the Sony a6300 because it was too fragile. 

But after mounting the cage everything has changed, the machine has become bigger and more secure.

I also use a wooden handle constructed very well to reinforce the grip.

The weight of the machine does not increase excessively. The a6300 cage gives a great feeling of resistance.

Sony A6300 Cage

I use a very heavy lens so in the future I will also find the lens support.

The cage is well built and is very comfortable and durable, I recommend it to everyone, I am loving it.

The cage is complete with many holes in which you can hook up various equipment such as external microphones or recorders.

I recommend the cage to all the people traveling because it will make your car more resistant. The screws are excellent and anti-rust, they are supplied with screwdrivers to unscrew and vine at will. The cage is coated with an anti-rust paint that gives it a feeling of security and reliability.

I recommend the cage to all mirrorless owners. I also got to use an additional wooden handle on the side.

Right Side Wooden Hanlde

Initially I thought it was useless to mount it on that part of the car but I realized with time that in reality it was a really essential piece. Especially on mirrorless Sony increases the grip of the machine and facilitates the rec video. Just move your thumb towards the rec button and it becomes very comfortable to record.

Right Side Wooden Handle

Wooden Hanlde for Sony A6300 Cage

The handle is built with excellent wood, very resistant, the screws are also very durable and well built, the grip is really good and very comfortable. It adapts very well to the shape of the hand. I recommend buying 2 handles to put them on both sides of the machine.

I also had the opportunity to try the upper handle. Very convenient, I decided to buy the metal version because it had the settable axis, you can unscrew it and move it either forward or backward.

The metal version, however, is very sweating hands, in fact, if you do not need to move it I recommend the rubber version. Thanks to this handle I can easily lift the machine without any problem and move it easily. A key is also supplied to adjust the screws which is always attached by means of a magnet.

Universal Handle

The last product I tried was the Plate. There are various versions but I preferred the one that can be assembled because it is the most comfortable, it is built entirely in iron and has a very comfortable relase. axes can also be added. I loved the plate for its comfort and reliability, I recommend this compared to others for the ability to have the mirrorless frontally.

15mm LWS Support System

I loved the SmallRig products for their high build quality.