Why should you buy SmallRig cage?

Being an youtuber, it's important to have everything under one particular setup.

This particular equipment SmallRig Cage, helped me with the setup of my Youtube rig a lot.

In just one setup, I am able to rig up my microphones, my camera, my lighting setup etc.

Now you guys must be thinking that why should we get this? Now, let me tell you that it’s pretty important to keep your equipment staggered in one single place and doing that is pretty simple with this cage.

Sony A6000/A6300 Cage with Wooden Handle

Let it be a content creator/youtuber/filmmaker, this is an important equipment which every one of you should definitely get!

Advantages of a Camera cage:

  • Protection: The most important factor of this camera cage is that it add some protection to your camera. As it is a metal body covering the camera, it will definitely add some protection to your camera.
  • Stabilization: Another most important aspect of this particular camera cage is that it adds some amount of weight to your camera. Which in turn means that it would add some amount of stabilization to your camera as well! And trust me, a shaky footage is not a good footage, the camera cage adds some amount of stabilization by adding some amount of weight into it.
  • Lots of screw holes: It has lots of screw holes on both the sides and you have put any kind of equipment in it which supports a screw mount ( Both ¼” and ¾” mounts!)
  • Makes it look cooler: Trust me, when you attach a wooden grip and a cage to your camera, it definitely adds some good looks to your camera!

Sony A6000/A6300 Cage with Wooden Handle

Why choose SmallRig over other brands:

  • It is definitely cheaper than the other brands.
  • The quality is something they really take care of. The don’t compromise quality with the cheap price.
  • Enormous amounts of extra accessories you can buy with this lens! Best part is, they make all kinds of accessories, so you don’t have to depend on some other brand to get your work done!

Stuff you should get with the cage :

  • Extra clamps which you can attach to your camera, which can in turn help you to add other equipments!
  • LWS system which would help you to get stunning sliding shots!
  • A follow focus, which can in turn help you to focus while shooting with the camera

Sony A6000/A6300 Cage with Wooden Handle

This is a really great investment in my opinion and by far one of the most important things in my arsenal, other my camera of course, because it helps to keep the entire rig as one particular entity.

Should you buy this Camera Cage?

Yes definitely, I would highly recommend anyone about this particular camera cage and trust me, you wont regret buying this!