Why Should You Install a Monitoring Screen with Camera Monitor Mount?

Posted by SmallRig on 11th Jan 2022

Why Should You Install a Monitoring Screen with Camera Monitor Mount?

Today's photographers are blessed to enjoy the creative tools that streamline their complex projects and allow them to create impressive results. Most of the cameras, even professional ones, come with compact and low-resolution display screens, which users modify by adding external on-camera or onboard monitors on a cold shoe mount or a camera monitor mount that attached to the camera.

A camera monitor mountis designed to support a small screen monitor along with your camera to assess and record content better. Today, we will discuss the benefits a camera monitor mountbrings and the best cold shoe mount you can get your hands on. But first, let’s talk about the importanceof having a monitor attached to the camera.

Why Attach a Monitor to the Camera?

Other than looking cool and professional, smart external monitors on-camera monitor mountshave far greater benefits to offer. The significant advantage of having an external monitor is to enjoy a larger screen and get better graphics of videos and images you have captured. Some of the prominent advantages include the following:

Comfortable Monitoring

The bigger screen gives better visuals and a comfortable monitoring experience. The clear screen allows you to envision your final product and make creative decisions beforehand. With monitor screens, you can choose the depth of the field, overlays, and different crop ratios to simplify your monitoring needs.

Clear Details

The 5'' to 9'' screens will give better resolution in HD to Full HD. With a smaller screen, the HD quality will be affected badly. The monitor screen allows you to review your shoots better and make the small spots noticeable, allowing you to correct disturbing angles and adjust the focus better.

Powerful Assistant Functions

Monitor companies have upgraded the game by adding powerful assistant functions, including zoom-in, false color, ratio guides, waveform, custom, built-in LIT support, and much more. All such functions enhance the quality workflow, which you can enjoy by using an external monitor.

Why Do You Need a Professional Monitor Mount to Support the Monitor?

Now that you have finally invested in a professional quality monitor for your camera, you want to protect it and enjoy all its full benefits. For this, you will need an equally high-quality camera mount for monitors.The following reasons will tell you why:

Stabilize the Monitor

A mount allows you to place and stabilize the monitor with accuracy. It gives a straight clear view while filming as the mount keeps the camera steady and in place, allowing you to focus on your work.

Shoot in Multi-Angle

Do you know that the mount allows you to adjust the position up to 180° as per your need? With the hand-freeing camera monitor mount, you can shoot in multi-angles for better monitoring.

Leave Connectors for Other Accessories

There are some holes on the camera’s surface for accessories attaching, but many people complain that they are not enough. One thing that eases your mind is that the camera monitor mount does not use these connectors, which allows more room for other accessories, such as LED lights or microphones.

Benefits of SmallRig's Monitor Mount

The company has many stunning products, but their camera monitor mountwith cold shoe mount 2905 is designed to accurately hold your precious monitor on top of the camera or any other mounting system through its cold shoe adapter. Its key benefits include the following:

Enhanced Security

The rubber padding on top keeps the monitor safe from scratches and facilitates smooth movement. Allen wrench further tightens the monitor for increased security.

Adjustable Tightness

The Allen wrench allows you to adjust the tightness of each axis. It ensures the monitor's safety and makes sure the monitor doesn’t fall off in any situation.

Adjustable Position

The holder has a swivel 360° sideways and tilting position of up to 170° with a stopping position of your choice. You can easily adjust your monitor at the viewing angle you find the best.

Top-Notch Quality

This camera monitor mountis one of the top-notch products available in the market that can support 5’’ and 7’’ monitors of about 1.5kg, which does not burden the user with unnecessary weight.

Get the Best Quality Camera Monitor Mount from SmallRig!

Do you wish to elevate your photography skills to capture beautiful moments? Well then, getting a DSLR monitor mountis imperative to have in your camera tool kits.

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