Why YouTubers are using SmallRigs for their cameras

YouTube has changed the world. It has created so many new job opportunities for everyone. What used to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to set up, we can now do it for free. We are now taking the next step into filmmaking and the first part of that is to enhance your setup.

Small Rig creates cages and handles for your camera. For some cameras, it can act as a protective cage. The cage that I had the chance to get my hands on is the Advanced Half-Cage kit (2024). The Half-Cage is the best choice if you want to add a battery grip.

This is my full setup on the Advance Half-Cage Kit (2024)

This half cage is designed to fit on a GH5/GH5s with a vertical grip. The cage does not wrap around the entire camera which is perfect because you can use the grip from the camera. (as shown below)

Advance Half-Cage kit (2024)

With the Half-Cage attached to your camera, you now can add more setups to your rig. I added 5 new parts to my rig. Let’s talk about what they are. The first thing I had to add to my rig is the Left Side Wooden Grip with NATO Mount (2118). The wood feels premium and has a nice weight to it. This is a Half-Cage setup, so the right side of the camera is exposed. For that reason, the left handle is perfect. The Wooden grip fits perfectly in the hand. With both hands holding the rig, the camera becomes more stable. A perfect setup for those Brolls shots.

Left Side Wooden Grip (1891)

The Left Wooden Handle wouldn’t be complete without the NATO clamp (2046). This clamp is the most important thing to this left handle. There are times you won’t need this left handle on the rig because it might get in the way. Instead of twisting the screw each time you want to take it off, you can just turn the clamp, the fastest way to remove or adjust the left handle.

NATO Clamp (2046)

Lifting the red lever up would lock the left handle in place. To remove it is as easy as pulling it down. The clamp is tight so you can hold the entire setup with just the left handle.

Left Wooden Handle with NATO Mount (2118)

I wouldn’t be able to finish this setup without adding the Top Handle as well. The top handle that I have for my rig is called Camera/Camcorder Action Stabilizing Universal Handle (1984). That’s right, this top handle help stabilizes the rig when I’m recording down low. The top handle stays on my rig 100% of the time.

Top Handle Stabilizer (1984)

That completes the perfect rig for my Panasonic GH5s. These are the must-have for a SmallRig. The other things I like to add to my rig is a Small HD focus, Rode Mic Pro+, and a quick release plate. The SmallHD helps me capture the moment. The Rode Mic Pro+ brings life to a scene, and the quick release plate helps speed up the workflow. I wouldn’t be able to build the perfect setup without the help of SmallRig Half-Cage Kit. To all filmmakers and YouTubers, this is a gear you do not want to miss out.

Check out their website www.smallrig.com and create your perfect camera setup.