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SmallRig Pix M160 RGBWW LED Light 3157

$49.50 $99.00

Canon & Nikon WEEK (June 23 - June 30)

Carnival for Canon & Nikon fans:

1. 15% OFF exclusive discount for the cages for Canon & Nikon;

2. SmallRig Member Special Offer: spend every $1 can earn 2 points; every 100 points can redeem $2;

3. King VIP Limited Offer: 5000 points can redeem $120 off coupon;

4. Lucky draw special prize (EOS M50 Mark II) coming soon!

Note: Due to the system delay, you need to wait 1 minute after finishing the order to play the draw. Please wait a moment.

1. You must log in and place an order to have a chance to draw (1 order=1 chance);
2. If you win the camera special prize, please get the screenshot of the winning prize and send it to our customer service, we will check within 24 working hours, and ship the camera within 7 working days; Once the camera is shipped, the original order cannot apply for a refund or return (except for product reasons)
3. We will hold 3 lucky draws in June, and the special prizes will be:

Sony Alpha 7C (06-03 to 06-14) / DJI RS 2 (06-15 to 06-22) / EOS M50 Mark II (06-23 to 06-30)
4. If you win the points prize, please check it in the "Member Reward" pop-up on the homepage after 24 working hours.
5. We will publicize the winning list within 14 working days over the lucky draw. (The final interpretation right of the lucky draw belongs to SmallRig)

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