Co-design Program

About SmallRig Co-design Program (Test Phase)

SmallRig, established in 2009, is a co-design platform focused on research and development of professional camera accessories. Since it was founded, SmallRig has been very customer-centric and dedicated to collaborating with customers to make great camera rigs that meet users needs. In an attempt to further cement the founding principle of Co-Designing products with users and spread the awareness among many more users, a Co-Design program is to be launched. Below are introductions about SmallRig Co-design Program in four aspects.

1. Why Co-design Program?

As SmallRig continues to grow, it has gathered a great number of loyal customers who put forward a lot of brilliant ideas during the development of SmallRig products. Ideas from some experienced photographers played a key role even in product development and production. In addition, many SmallRig's best-selling products have proved to be collaborative efforts .


In 2014, the SmallRig team realized the importance of co-design more than ever before and decided to launch the Co-design Program which aims at “helping every photography enthusiast create camera rigs that meet their unique shooting needs through collaborative and creative design”. Besides, SmallRig is devoted to turning customers’ ideas into real products! At the same time, it focuses on enhancing customers’ sense of value and sense of achievement during the participation of this program through revenue-sharing.

2. How to become the SmallRig Co-Designer?

Anyone interested in designing camera accessories is welcome to join the SmallRig Co-design Program. Participants only need to submit their product ideas to SmallRig co-design team at Once a design idea is adopted, the idea submitter becomes the co-designer of the product. Please note, an engineering drawing of the idea is NEEDED from participants in order for us to know who becomes the co-designer. The co-designer can enjoy all the benefits listed below.

3. What will a SmallRig Co-designer Get?

The co-designer will receive a congratulation card from co-design team and officially become a SmallRig Co-Designer. Meanwhile, he/she will enjoy these benefits:

  1.  $100 in cash;
  2.  A co-designed product (name of the co-designer will be printed);
  3.  6% product sales share (email to withdraw money once amount is up to $100); 
  4.  Become an authorized designer and photographer of SmallRig.

PS: After a co-designed product is made , SmallRig will strive to increase the sales through promotion method1. Meanwhile, the co-designer is encouraged to boost sales through the second promotion method . The co-designer will get 6% of the total sales revenue.

Promotion Method1 : SmallRig lists co-designed products on the eye-catching position of its official website for sale. Meanwhile, it promotes and sells them through other popular advertising channels such as Google, Facebook, YouTube and so on.

Promotion Method 2 : Co-designer can make personalized 10%-OFF coupons for his/her friends, fans and other people to use. And he/she can promote coupons through various channels to increase sales.

4. Achievements of SmallRig Co-design Program.

As of June 20th 2018, a total of 704 people had joined the SmallRig Co-design Program and 460 products had been co-designed. These products include impressive camera rigs like GH5 Cage 2049, Sony VCT-14 Plate 1954, Sony A7RIII L Bracket 2122 and so on.

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