Introducing SmallRig New Logo

Dear SmallRig users,

We're proud to announce the launch of our new logo. We believe that you are able to see the new look in our public platforms, like our website, Facebook, and Twitter. Now we would like to share the story about upgrading.

From making simple products to complete kits for specific cameras, and now becoming an official product partner of multiple photography equipment brands, like cameras, stabilizers, and monitor manufacturers, we have been innovating, trialing, and iterating all the time. We value every interaction and suggestion from you. Moreover, we define SmallRig as a communication platform with you.

Our products come from your ideas and eventually return back to you with the actual products. The products are the vehicles between SmallRig and your ideas.Therefore, we discarded the cold elements of metal, technology, cool style, and so on, and choose the new logo that is warmer and with more social elements.

Our new logo is inspired by the letters "S" and "R" in "SmallRig". It inherits the element of the small video camera image in the old logo which is your exclusive memory of SmallRig. After redrawing, the visual effect of the image is flatter.

The combination of the triangle and the rectangle in this logo constructs the shape of a camera, meanwhile, the triangle also stands for the start button in the video playing, which obviously presents the industry attributes in the film industry. The arc in the bottom looks like a bridge that was built by communication with our customers according to plenty of excellent products.

The overall shape of the new logo is a smiling face, which represents our expectation of your joyful use of SmallRig products. From the other side, the whole shape looks like a camera with a cage and a handle. The design style of the letter mark is more flat and simple. This design will appear more on our products - through the smooth design and laser engraved art, SmallRig wants to tell a more sophisticated story with higher recognition.

Taking upgrading the logo as an opportunity, we want to convey our determination to change, and take on more responsibilities - Not only provide cost-effective products as always, SmallRig also wants to offer a learning platform that allows everyone to connect with SmallRig beyond the product itself. SmallRig hopes to continually provide users with upgraded services and tools, which also brings us the opportunity to improve. Meanwhile, we launch our new slogan "Small Rig, Big Dream" - we hope these small accessories can support the production of your masterpiece.

SmallRig appreciates your support all the time, and we are looking forward to hearing more from you. Let us build SmallRig as a unique small brand in the future.

Best regards,