Share your ideas and usage scenerio of a rig which can improve your setup with sketches in our FB group.


Email the 3D models and engineering drawings to us. Before then, feel free to ask us for basic specs.
(3D models: Use software Solidworks or Fusion 360 to draw and save your final draft as SLDPRT, STP or STEP formate. Engineering drawing: Save the 3D drawing as PDF format and mark down all the design parameters.)


Our design team review your files and do the modification based on standard specs.


We both confirm the final 3D model and put it into manufacturing.


We ship out the prototype to you after our preliminary testing.


Post the usage scenario of the DreamRig parts in our product group for us to decide whether to sell based on the feedback.


If your design is selected to be an official SmallRig product, the product sales will be counted at the end of each quarter, and you will get 10% sales commission via Paypal.