To fully meet filmmakers' needs,
SmallRig is all in.
Customize your own product free of charge!
You do the 3D model and engineering drawing, and we do the manufacture.
Achieve your rig dream, and the expenses are on SmallRig.
Design a DreamRig for yourself, make your shooting easier.


Here is what you need to know before you start this.

3D model: 1. Using Solidworks or Fusion 360 software would be great! 2. Save your drawing as SLDPRT, STP or STEP file. 3. You can refer to uploaded files in the DreamRig community
Engineer Drawing: 1. You can save the 3D drawing as engineering drawing in PDF. 2. Please mark all the design parameters.
Kind reminder:
We reserve the rights to offer the manufactured product to many more customer in need. If you choose to submit you drawings,we take it that you agree to this.But if you against this, please withdraw your submission.
Here's How to Participate
Step 1
Email us all the documents of your design to
Step 2
We validate your design with our manufacturing team.
Step 3
We prototype and send you your customer gear.
It's free of charge.

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