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1. Q: What payment methods does SmallRig accept?

A: SmallRig accepts International Bank/Money Transfer/PayPal/Credit Card.

2. Q: Who's responsible for the service fees/bank charges during the international bank/money transfer?

A: The buyer who makes the international transfer will need to pay all the service charges which occur from the buyer's financial institution side in advance.

3. Q: What do customers need to do once the bank transfer is done?

A: Customers are requested to provide the payment transaction receipt/invoice to:

4. Q: How long does it take for SmallRig to receive the international bank transfer payment?

A: Usually, it takes 7-10 working days for us to receive the payment. However, it depends on the customer's local financial institution's transaction period.

5. Q: How does SmallRig notice customers once receiving the bank transfer?

A: Our SmallRig Customer Support Team will send customers a confirmation e-mail of payment received. The order status will directly change from awaiting payment to awaiting fulfillment under the customer's SmallRig account, and customers will receive a notification e-mail about the status change.

6. Q: Will there be any import tax on the product?

A: There might be import tax, all the fees that occur in the buyer's destination country will need to be paid by the buyer.

7. Q: Can customers only purchase the spare parts instead of the end product?

A: Yes, please contact SmallRig Customer Support at to get the offer.

8. Q: Can the order be modified?

A: The order cannot be modified once it's placed successfully. However, customers can contact SmallRig Customer Support at to cancel the order if it's under the status of awaiting fulfillment and then place the appropriate order again.

9. Q: What does awaiting fulfillment mean?

A: The order is placed successfully, it's under the awaiting status to dispatch.

10. Q: Can the order payment method be changed?

A: The order payment method cannot be changed if the order is paid successfully. While customers can contact SmallRig Customer Support at to cancel the order if its status is under awaiting fulfillment and then place the order with the appropriate payment method again.

11. Q: Can the shipping address be changed?

A: The shipping address cannot be modified once the order is placed successfully. However, customers can contact SmallRig Customer Support to cancel the order if it's under the status of awaiting fulfillment, and then place the order with the appropriate address again.

12. Q: Can customers provide P.O. BOX as the shipping address?

A: No. SmallRig does not accept the P.O. BOX address, please provide the residential address.

13. Q: When can customers’ Pre-Order items be shipped?

A: Customers can refer to the Pre-Order item product page for the release date.

14. Q: When SmallRig will dispatch a customer's order if it includes both the Pre-Order item and the released item?

A: If Pre-Order products are included in the order, the package will be shipped when all products are released. Please place the released products separately from the Pre-Order products if immediate shipping is needed.

15. Q: What Free Shipping method does SmallRig provide and how long will it take to arrive?

A: SmallRig provides express shipment such as USPS/FedEx/GLS as the free shipping methods, it usually takes 5-7 working days to arrive in the destination country from the date that the order is dispatched.

16. Q: What is SmallRig Return Policy?

A: Please refer to for more information.

17. Q: When will SmallRig proceed with the refund if customers have returned the product?

A: Once the authorized returned product gets back to SmallRig's warehouse and passes the inspection, the customer support will proceed with the refund within 1-3 working days to the customer's account.

18. Q: How can customers get in touch with SmallRig to give the new product suggestion?

A: Customers can directly send the new product suggestion by e-mail to The related department will get back to you at their soonest.

19. Q: How can customers get support on how to use a product or find out if a SmallRig product is compatible with some cameras?

A: Customer can directly send inquiries by e-mail to SmallRig Customer Support will get back to you with the solution at their soonest. Besides, you can also contact our online customer service from 1:30 AM to 10:30 AM(UTC) for any questions.

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