SmallRig 19mm Rod Clamps 1760 is an articulated rosette with two 19mm rod clamps which mount to 19mm rods. Loosen a ratcheting lever, it could be adjusted the direction of 19mm rod per 45° without affecting the other rod and rod clamp. With the special anti-rotation design, it does not come to loose when locked.
Besides, it could be replaced one 19mm rod clamp by a 15mm rod clamp and worked as SMALLRIG Double Rod Holder 15mm to 19mm 1768; if two replaced, it would be SmallRig 15mm Rod Clamps 1576.

Note: please do not attach an item weights over 2kg.

1x Rod clmap

Material: Aluminum Alloy
Net Weight: 78g
Dimensions(LXWXD): 82x38.5x23mm