Designer: Tracy Joy

SmallRig Accessory Kit for Sony A6500/A6300/A6000/ILCE-6000/ILCE-6300/ILCE-6500 NEX7 2147

Key Features:
1.Dedicated for Sony A6000/6300/6500
2.15mm LWS system included
3.Cheese top handle included
4.HDMI clamp included

SmallRig Accessory Kit for Sony A6500/A6300/ILCE-6000/ILCE-6300/ILCE-6500 NEX7 2147 consists of a top handle, a cage, a 15mm LWS system (two 15mm rods included) and a HDMI clamp. With this kit, it is convenient to attach accessories as per your needs, such as monitor, SmallRig Lens Support 1087 or 2152, follow focus, matte box and SmallRig Shoulder Rig 2077. The HDMI clamp prevents loss of signal and damage of the HDMI cable. This kit is suitable for hand-held shooting, and can be shifted to other shooting scenarios like tripod or sliding rail.

Arca-type Compatible

Package Includes
Hex Spanner*2

Product Dimensions: 300*100*60mm
Net Weight: 883g
Package Weight: 1000g
Materials:Aluminum Alloy