Designer: Evans Pan

SmallRig Adjustable M5 Screw Wingnut - Red 1945 can be used with rod clamps, ensuring to lock the rod securely. It is spring loaded, and can be pulled out and turned to a more user friendly position after being tightened. The length of the screw bar is 13mm, and the half thread is 6.5mm. So it may fit more thread holes.

Key Features:
1. Convenient and comfortable adjustment
2. Includes washer to prevent looseness
3. Half-threaded structure fits more thread holes
4. Light and easy to carry

Rod Clamp

Package Includes:
2 x Wingnut M5 Thread Screw
2 x Washer

Product Dimensions: 26x24x9mm
Net Weight: 14g
Package Size: 130x110x13mm
Package Weight: 19g
Material: Iron