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SmallRig Articulating Arm with Dual Ball Heads (1/4"-20 Srew) and Extension (Shipping Area: North America) 2109B
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1. It could attach the side or top of cage on the one end, while it could attach monitor or monitor cage or flashlight on the other end.

2. It could adjust the height and position of magic arms smoothly and thus monitor could be mounted externally with extended distances with great flexibility.

3. Its max load is 1.5kg.

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Note:This product is only shipped to the following Countries: United States and Canada.

SmallRig Articulating Arm with Dual Ball Heads (1/4”-20 screw) and Extension 2109 can be used to mount an accessory on your camera rig firmly and flexibly. Both ends of the arm feature a 1/4"-20 screw and a tightening thumbwheel for easy accessory mounting, with rubber pads protecting the equipment from scuffing. Use the included small hex key to further tighten the thumbwheel if the heavy device is attached. Each clamp is secured using the single, large thumb lever. The 95mm extension part in the middle adds more adjustment flexibility. Compatible with a wide range of devices such as field monitor, LED light, sound gear, etc., this arm has a load capacity of up to 5 kg/11 lb. It is interchangeable with other SmallRig ball head parts such as 2132213422112114 for different mounting configurations.

Designer: Yetta White


Package Includes:
1 x Articulating Arm
1 x Hex Spanner

Product Dimensions: 255 x 28 x 59mm
Package Dimensions: 125 x 108 x 87mm
Net Weight: 268g
Package Weight: 303g
Material(s): Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel

*Please note the import tax may occur.

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