SmallRig BMPCC Cage 2012

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Designer: Tracy Joy

SmallRig BMPCC Cage 2012 is exclusively designed for BMPCC cameras. The grip part has been thickened to offer a better holding experience for the cameraman. NATO rail could attach QR Cheese Handle 1688 and EVF Mount 1594. Arca quick release plate at the bottom is accessible to 15mm Rail Support System Baseplate(Arca Swiss) 1687. M4*0.7 threaded holes are compatible with HDMI Cable Clamp 1521. Two M5 screws are used to secure HDMI cable. Two holes on the side are for shoulder straps so that you could carry it wherever you want. The cage could be connected to the camera via 1/4’’ screws. 1/4’’ and 3/8’’ threaded holes on the top are for Top Handle with Cold Shoe(Cheese) 1638 and Camera/Camcorder Action Stabilizing NATO Handle 1955. The cage is compatible with all the buttons and ports of the camera. The cold shoe could attach microphone, Articulating Rosette Arm(7") 1497 and 1/4" Camera Hot shoe Mount with Additional 1/4" Screw 761. Because of enough space in the battery slot, it is very convenient to charge the battery. 1/4’’ threaded holes at the bottom could attach Manfrotto quick release plates, such as Quick Dovetail (Manfrotto) 1280 and Quick Dovetail(Manfrotto) 1647. 1/4’’ threaded holes on the right side could attach 15mm Micro Rod(1.5inch) with 1/4'' thread 915 for better holding experience while shooting.

Key Features:
1. Grip part has been thickened for better holding experience
2. NATO rail to attach QR Cheese Handle and EVF support
3. Arca quick release plate included
4. M4*0.7 threaded holes are compatible with HDMI Cable Clamp 1521
5. Two M5 screws could secure HDMI cable
6. Cold shoe included
7. 1/4’’ threaded holes on the right side could attach 15mm micro rod


Package Includes:
2 x 1/4’’ Screw
2 x M5 Screw
1 x Hex Spanner

Product Dimensions: 143.2 x 84 x 52mm
Net Weight: 269g
Package Dimensions: 170 x 125 x 70mm
Material(s): Aluminum Alloy



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    Hands-Down, the Best BMPCC Cage in Existence!!

    Posted by Casey Schoch on 4th Dec 2017

    I've owned a BMPCC since 2014, yet held off on buying a cage because every one that was out either was too small, lazily designed, so minimally designed it barely added any reason to buy it, and was not protective enough. Then, in 2017 this cage comes in and blows every bit of the competition out of the water! The second I saw this cage was officially a design in production I bought it as fast as I possibly could.

    Here I am, owning it for just under 5 months and it has lived up to everything I expected it to be. This is the part that made me a loyal SmallRig customer.

    This cage has:

    -TONS of 1/4"-20 and a couple 3/8"-16 screw holes
    -A well-designed, single piece, machined body
    -A double screw lock for holding the HDMI port in place
    -A perfectly designed grip that lets me hold my entire shoulder rig by just the grip.
    -A NATO rail that runs along the entire right side, AMAZING!
    -A built in port on top for holding a clamp-down cold shoe accessory
    -Plenty of room to access top buttons
    -Perfect cut-out to open the battery door so that it is never in the way
    -A built in Arca Swiss clampable base built in to the cage.
    -It also has strap holders if you wanted to hold this photo camera style

    Coming from someone who has looked at every single BMPCC cage put to market, this not only has the most features, but is one of the most reasonably priced. For the amount of features-to-price ratio, this is absolutely the best option.

    This even blows the famous Contineo cage out of the water.

    I've since built an entire optimized, condensed, small and incredibly sturdy SmallRig custom shoulder rig for the BMPCC.

    In conclusion, I did all the research and trial for you, so trust me as a loyal 3 year BMPCC shooter when I say this is the best. So glad I found this company.