SmallRig Camera Cage 3046 for RED KOMODO

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SmallRig Camera Cage 3046 for RED KOMODO
Key Features:
1. Dedicated Cage for RED KOMODO.
2. Only 186g, weight reduced by 40% than normal by using magnesium-aluminum alloy material.
3. NATO rails are designed in three sides of the cage and make it convenient for quick release.
4. Well designed ARRI rosette mount, nato rail, and threaded holes to achieve a variety of hand-held shootings.
5.The same hole distance on the top of the cage as that of KOMODO, so it is compatible with KOMODO original accessories.

SmallRig Camera Cage 3046 for RED KOMODO is designed to provide multiple mounting ports for shooting. It’s magnesium-aluminum alloy make the cage sturdy and durable and 40% lighter than the aluminum alloy one and weighs only 186g. The scientific combination of ARRI rosette mount and threaded holes can be compatible with the side handle such as 2915, and the top handle such as HTN 2758. The hole distance on the top of the cage is the same as that of KOMODO and is compatible with KOMODO original handles. Multiple 1/4” -20 and 3/8” -16 thread holes are scientifically designed at the bottom, compatible with Manfrotto quick-release plate 1280 and ARRI base 1642. More reasonable thread hole arrangement at the bottom to keep an excellent balance for shooting & protect the camera.

Designer: Bear,Nico Robin


Package Includes:
1 x cage
2 x Hex screws

Product Dimensions: 115.6 x 114 x 95.4mm
Package Dimensions: 160 x 160 x 105mm
Net Weight: 186g
Package Weight: 596g
Material(s): Magnesium-aluminum Alloy

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