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SmallRig Camera Cage Kit for Sony A7 III A7R III A9 (Shipping Area: EU and Britain) 3422
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Alpha 7 III,Alpha 7R III,Alpha 9
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Camera Cage Kit for Sony A7 III A7R III A9

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Note:This product is only shipped to the following Countries: EU and Britain.

SmallRig Camera Cage Kit for Sony A7 III A7R III A9 3422
SmallRig Camera Cage Kit 3422 is exclusively designed for  Sony A7 III A7R III A9 camera.It includes light cage for Sony A7 III A7R III A9 2918,universal ARRI locating Handle 2165C,Monitor Mount with Screws Mount 2904 and Universal Wooden Side Handle HSN2093C.It offers an abundance of possibilities for the cameraman as per the needs during shooting, thus it is very beneficial and convenient for the cameraman.


Note:The top handle is the latest version 2165c,and the side handle 2836 has been replaced with HSN2093C.


Package Includes:
1x Cage 2918 
1x Monitor Mount 2904
1x Top Handle 2165C
1x Side Handle HSN2093C

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