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SmallRig Camera Monitor Universal Cage 1758

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SMALLRIG Universal director’s Monitor Cage 1758 is a prefect cage for any director’s monitor with attaching by top, bottom or rear 1/4”-20 screws. Adjusting the cage to fit monitor by moving up and down. There is also a standard Arca plate at the top and bottom, in order to mount directly to the Arca standard tripod.

The wooden grips also is secure and comfortable for handling.

Besides, the cage comes with a SMALLRIG 1530 battery mounting plate allows for a separately available V-mount or Gold-mount plate for battery power, and it also leaves plenty of room for wireless equipment.

The front of the monitor cage have many 1/4”-20 and 3/8”-16 holes, so you can mount other accessories. 


1. Aluminum Alloy ( Cage)   

2. Rosewood (Grips)

Net Weight: 671g

Dimensions(L X W X D): 352x160x74mm


Product Highlights:

1. Adjustable Height&Width

2. Smooth wooden grip Auxiliary battery mounting plate Can be attached to the Arca tripod directly

3. Almost universal cage for Video Assistant.


Quick Details:


1.Rosewood & Non-Slide Designed grip.

2.Adjustable heights and width can meet the demand of different monitors.

3. Arca Standard Offset adapter on the top and bottom.


Comes With:



Cage Includes


1x Extension Arm

1x‘ Externsion Block

1x Arca Standard Offset Adapter

2x Connection Plate

1x Battery Mounting Plate 1530

2x Wooden Grips (L & R)

2X 54mm 1/4''-20 screw

8x 12.5mm 1/4''-20 screw

3x wrenches

6x 8.5mm 1/4''-20 screw

6x 8mm M3 screws+6x 6mm M3 screw


Photo In Use:

Compatible with:
Blackmagic Video Assist
Blackmagic Video Assist 4K
SmallHD DP4, DP6, AC7, DP7
TVLogic VFM-056W/WP, VFM-058W
Ikan D5, VK7i, VH8, VL5, VX9e
Odyssey 7, 7Q
Atomos Samurai, Ninja, Shogun, Ninja Flame, Shogun Flame
And many more

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