SmallRig DJI FPV Colorful Flight Accessory Kit 3574

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SmallRig DJI FPV Colorful Flight Accessory Kit 3574

Key Features:
1. Adapted to multiple action cameras and panoramic cameras in both aerial photography and racing scenes.
2. Ensuring high heading stability and attitude hold during flight and ultimate performance in high-speed competitions.
3. Colorful customized stickers, waterproof and sun-proof ink print with long-lasting colors.
4. Sticker is only 0.1mm thick and can be easily applied with its nano-level air guide grooves.
5. Quick-release tails allow assembly and disassembly in seconds.

SmallRig DJI FPV Aerodynamics Accessory Kit 3574 includes a multifunctional mounting bracket, two pairs of vertical tail and three 3D stickers. The multifunctional mounting bracket adopts a triangular support which is integrated with the exterior of the fuselage. It is intactly installed in FPV screw holes that support high centrifugal force and acceleration in fancy flight. Vertical tails use the quick-release design between the vertical tails baseplate and body. High-quality removable PVC stickers can be accurately cut in line with the camber of the fuselage that adapts to the arc of the fuselage, fit tightly, and tear off without traces. Professional outdoor ink print is waterproof and sun-proof with long-lasting colors. The sticker is only 0.1mm thick and features nano-level air guide grooves that make it easier to apply without leaving air bubbles.


1. The vertical tail is sharp, please pay attention to safety when installing.
2. When using the multi-function expansion bracket to mount the device, you need to adjust the angle of the device to achieve the best shooting angle and reduce the impact on the GPS signal; if it has an impact on the GPS signal, please be careful when flying.
3. Please clean the FPV surface before applying stickers.

Compatibility: DJI FPV

Package Includes:
1 x Multifunctional mounting bracket
2 x Vertical tails (left)
2 x Vertical tails (right)
6 x 3D sticker
1 x Thumbscrew
10 x Long screw
8 x Short screw

Product Dimensions: 155 x 106 x 58mm
Package Dimensions: 155 x 106 x 58mm
Net Weight: 152±5g
Package Weight: 321±5g
Material: PC, PVC, Alloy Steel

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