SmallRig FX9 Cable Clamp for Trigger Handle 2825

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SmallRig Sony FX9 cable clamp for trigger handle 2825

Key Features:
1. Sony FX9 cable clamp for trigger handle.
2. To prevent the FX9 remote cable disconnects.
3. Provide Phillips screwdriver.

SmallRig Sony FX9 cable clamp for trigger handle 2825 is designed to prevent the FX9 trigger handle remote cable from disconnecting. It is installed through a positioning column and 2 M2 screws. Easy to install, and feeling comfortable.

Designer: Evans Pan

When using, 1st, disassemble the original cable clamp; 2nd, align position column with the body; 3rd, install the cable clamp;

Sony FX9

Package Includes:
1 x Cable clamp
2 x M2 screws
1 x Phillips screwdriver

Product Dimensions: 24.3 x 18.7 x 17.4mm
Package Dimensions: 120 x 35 x 25mm
Net Weight: 8g±5g
Package Weight: 27g±5g
Material(s): Aluminum Alloy

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