Designer: Manno Lo

SmallRig Nato Rail to Rosette Adapter DR0001

This SmallRig Nato rail to Rosette adapter provides a simple way to turn your female ARRI rosette mounting point into a Nato rail that can be used with quick release components like the Articulating Arm with Nato clamps 2072. It can be paired with Wooden Grip with NATO Mount 2117/2118 and used on camera's, shoulder rigs or gimbals that feature a female ARRI rosette point to create quick release handles. The adapter features safety pins so your accessories won't slide off.

Key Features:
1. It extends the mounting possibilities of your rig by transforming your Arri Rosette into a quick release compatible Nato rail.
2. Added safety pins to prevent damage to your gear.
3. The angle of the Nato rail can be adjusted 360 degrees.


Package includes:
1 x Nato Rail to Rosette
1 x M6 bolt screw
1 x 1/4 bolt screw
2 x Allen Key

Product dimensions:31.8mmx20mmx48.8mm
Product weight:44g
Material:Aluminum alloy, Stainless Steel