Points & Membership

A.SmallRig Points

Ways to earn points:
1. 1 Point       =    every $1 spent in the order
2. 50 Points   =    Register through the reward page
3. 50 Points   =    Follow on Instagram
4. 50 Points   =    Follow on Twitter
5. 30 Points   =    Likes on Facebook
6. 50 Points   =    Share on Twitter
7. 50 Points   =    Share on Facebook

Redeem method:
1. 300 Points    =   $3 OFF coupon
2. 500 Points    =   $5 OFF coupon
3. 1000 Points  =   $15 OFF coupon
4. 2500 Points  =   $35 OFF coupon

1. The points will not be added if you cancel the order.
2. Please check the specific redeemable amount and the coupon code by logging into the "Rewards" page if you have accumulated enough points.  
3. You can either redeem it to clear your points record or you can keep it till you become an official member of the corresponding level.


Milestone to achieve tier:0 Points

Milestone to achieve tier:1000 Points
1. 2% OFF of the order
2. $5 coupon
3. Free Gift:
Memory Card Case 3015 and Folding Screwdriver Kit Explorer AAK2371


Milestone to achieve tier:2000 Points
1. 5% OFF of the order
2. $10 coupon
3. Free shipping
4.1000 Birthday points
5. Free Gift:Memory Card Case 3015+Folding Screwdriver Kit Explorer AAK2371+ Vlog Rearview Mirror W2017

Milestone to achieve tier:5000 Points
1. 10% OFF of the order
2. $30 coupon
3. Free shipping(No spend limit)
4. 1000 Birthday points
6. Free Gift:Memory Card Case 3015
+Folding Screwdriver Kit Explorer AAK2371 + Vlog Rearview Mirror W2017+E
xclusively-designed T-shirt GXP0001

*You shall add the free gifts to your shopping cart manually.
*Discounted price will directly show in the product page.
*You must enter your birthday at least 30 days in advance to receive birthday points.
*Email will be sent by when your points or membership level is updated.

For more details,please click the “Rewards”button to sign and log in. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at