SmallRig Sony VCT-14 Shoulder Plate 1954

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Designer: Tracy Joy

Note: Shoulder Pad 1954 is compatible with Sony VCT-14, NOT compatible with Sony VCT-U14, Not compatible with Zacuto VCT Tripod Plate.

SmallRig Sony VCT-14 Shoulder Plate 1954 is compatible with Sony VCT-14 tripod adapter plates. It could be attached and detached fast, able to support heavy devices and keen to get a balance when the camera is mounted on it. It features a Manfrotto 501 quick release plate, and shooting on the shoulder, in the hands and on the tripods could be switched swiftly.

Part of the baseplate extends out beyond the 15mm LWS rod adapter in the front. With rod adapter set back, additional space in the front is achieved to mount follow focus. It enables you to position the camera back to some degree on the plate, to get the balance of your rig directly over your shoulder. The rod adapter is vertically adjustable by 23mm to fit different types of cameras, like FS7/FS7II/FS5/Ursa Mini/Canon C100. What’s more, it is equipped with a 15mm LWS rod adapter on the rear side.

Manfrotto 501 quick release plate, which is compatible with the Manfrotto 577 quick release adapter could be slid about 80mm forwards or backward when the wingnut is loose. An ARRI M6 rosette is available to attach accessories and grips, and multiple 1/4"-20 threaded holes on the side could provide additional mounting options. Also, the shoulder pad is so soft that your shooting will be more pleasant.

Key Features:
1. Compatible with Sony VCT-14 tripod adapter plates.
2. Soft shoulder pad. 
3. Arri M6 rosette to attach accessories and grips.
4. Front rod adapter is vertically adjustable by 23mm to fit different types of cameras.
5. Enough space to mount follow focus in the front.
6. Manfrotto 501 quick release plate could be slid about 80mm forwards or backward.
7. 1/4"-20 threaded holes on the right side for additional accessories.


Sony FS7/FS7II/FS5
Blackmagic Ursa Mini
Canon C100
Panasonic EVA-1

Package Includes:
1x Shoulder Plate
1x 1/4’’-20 Spanner
1x M4 Spanner

Product Dimensions: 257x110x53mm
Net Weight: 1020g
Package Size: 330x140x110mm
Material(s): Aluminum Alloy


  • 5
    Fantastic product with creative design!

    Posted by Charlotte on 26th Jan 2018

    It supports handheld shooting, run-and-gun shooting and tripod shooting. It could be used to get a balance for the camera mounted on it and could attach Sony VCT-14 tripod adapter plates. The should pad feels very soft and comfortable on the shoulder and thus creates great convenience for the cameraman. It could be mounted with 15mm dual rods, so that matte box and follow focus could be attached. It is really thoughtful.

  • 5
    Good deal for EVA1!

    Posted by Uula on 6th Jan 2018

    Very nice build quality for the price. Good starting point for a small footprint rig for Panasonic EVA-1.

  • 5

    Posted by Harold on 26th Sep 2017

    Very nice product.
    It fits perfectly with our URSA mini (or Sony A7rii).
    Super versatility, superbly built, feel strong.
    5 stars for quality versus price !
    Thanks !

  • 5
    The best shoulder rig I've ever bought!

    Posted by Addsion Dale on 13th Aug 2017

    The best shoulder rig I've ever bought!
    5 stars for pricing as always. I've been buying from smallrig for years. Of course I love the quality of their products, which are comparable to those from any US brand. And their pricing is normally 50% lower.
    I would give 5 stars for this item itself. I own a Zacuto shoulder pad. I'm satisfied with both Zacuto and SmallRig. Normally I carry 10 to 20 lbs of weight so a thick pad is a big advantage. Also I love the Manfrotto design. Recommend!

  • 5
    Looks good. Solid rig for the price.

    Posted by Stefen Cole on 11th Aug 2017

    Looks good. Solid rig for the price. Matches my Sony vct-14.
    I like it for the rods in both front and rear, which provided enough space for follow focus. I tried it on Sony FS7 and felt okay after 20 min of shooting. I guess it's at least one of, if not the best solution for run n gun. A tripod is definitely necessarry if I'm shooting for hours but I guess this one works as well.Feels good man.
    It might be too sturdy. I expected a lighter shoulder pad. If they come up with another 'light' option I will get one.

  • 5
    Value for money!

    Posted by Ben on 28th Jul 2017

    Its solid, comfortable, has lots of adjustability options and is over half the price of the competion!

    Well done Smallrig!

  • 4
    Great product at a spectecular price that almost fit

    Posted by Rex on 26th Jul 2017

    I am a big fan of smallrig exceptional quality product and had been looking forward to this shoulder support with VCT-14 mount.

    The manfrotto long plat allows me to switch my rig quickly between my RED Scarlet-W, Scarlet-X and Sony FS700. The front 15mm LT keeps my follow focus and mate box setup in place while the back 15mm LT let's me run V-mount power adapter for REDbrick and counter weight if needed. The Arri rosette is also nicely placed for shoulder setup; little bonus feature to mention is the 1/4-20 holes taped along the right side of the rig.

    Now, the cons. The front end of the VCT base was machined a few microns too wide thus making the fit to my VCT-14 base an almost impossible fit. I have to force slam it in to get positive lock. I am sure over time it will be broken in, but initially, it is very tight. The shoulder pad profile is also a bit shallow, this the bottom of the rosette might rub against your shoulder.

    But overall, at this price and the solid machine work of smallRig, you simiply cannot find an alternative at this price point!

  • 5
    Best shoulder plate out there

    Posted by K Reeder on 10th Jul 2017

    Probably the best support purchase I've ever made. It does everything. The sliding Manfrotto plate is excellent, the pad is soft and I've already used it for hours without fatigue. Rosettes are strong and the locking V fits snug as a bug in any VCT plate. And best of all, it's an eighth the cost of Zacuto's rip off version!

  • 4
    Holds up well as an inexpensive alternative

    Posted by Sergio M Lorenzana on 8th Jul 2017

    Even though this review may sound overall negative, I'm listing a series of comparisons of other features from the Lanparte shoulder plate with this one.

    This one is cheaper, by about less than half.
    This weighs less.
    The front rod tightening knobs are obfuscated by the arri rosettes.
    The rod insert areas aren't particularly deep. (about less than an inch)
    The front rod height adjustment isn't a simple knob adjustment, you have only 2 other positions to choose from.
    The dovetail plate has to slide completely off to be removed, it would have been much better as a drop in plate.
    As pictured the shoulder rest looks rubbery, but is actually more like a bean bag. (this is neither a pro/con, im comfortable with either)

    With all that said my only real concern is that I have to purchase smaller rods (because of the shallow rod inserts). I understand that since i use this with an A7S, some of the issues are mitigated if I chose an FS5 instead to mount on it.

    Overall it's an excellent product for the price point, if my notes from the top were corrected at a higher price point