Assessment Program


Dear readers,
Many thanks for your continuous support for SmallRig.
We sincerely hope that via this page we could reach our like-minded friends who like our products and are willing to share the experience of using SmallRig accessories to the full extent with us. Thus, we can help more people to solve the shooting problems and spread the fun of shooting to the full extent.
We hope to get some advice concerning product improvements and your impression about SmallRig via this page. We are not as professional as you are, but we hope you could apply your expertise to the assembling of accessories so as to help more people to get the suitable accessories with reasonable cost. Our original intention for pricing is based on reasonable cost and higher cost performance.
SmallRiger is now sincerely inviting you to take part in the assessment. We will offer discounts for products and reward with some free products for your hard work.

Should you meet the following requirements and have interest in the assessment, please contact us via any of the 3 ways listed here:
skype: weishuqiu2012

1.The targeted assessors include but are not limited to those with 2000+ subscriptions in Youtube, 2000+ fans in FB, blogs and personal websites. The ways of assessment includes blog assessment, advertorial assessment and video assessment.
2.Have 2 or more spreading channels.
3.Long-term contact with the cameras and accessories of all sorts. Get unique understanding in assembling.
4.Get experience in assessment and unique personal style.
5. Please attach the official products link while issuing the assessment result. In addition, please share the original file with the Customer Service.


Our official website will offer the rewards as follows as the feedback:
1.Prior user rights for the new products
2.Gifts and discounts for products in non-scheduled promotions.
3.Discounts for some products and free accessories (based on the effect of 1st and following evaluations)

We will upload the assessment link and assessment video in the page of products.
The assessors have the chance to become the VIP clients of SmallRig based on the performance. The VIP clients could have 5% price off when purchasing all products.