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Recognizing the unique needs of content creators, SmallRig pioneered the free DreamRig Co-Design Program.

SmallRig's original intent of co-designing with users was clear: to listen to the creative and imaginative voices from around the world and provide the resources, support, and solutions to help them reach their full potential and bring their practical ideas to other creators.

Since 2017, SmallRig has co-designed over 2,700 customized DreamRig products with over 1,300 global photographers and videographers. Many of these products have gone from custom production to mass production. And several of the custom co-designed products have been awarded prestigious international design awards!

SmallRig always believes that helping users realize their creative dreams is essential. We sincerely invite more and more content creators to participate in the DreamRig program. Together we can make the “Big Dream” come true!

Simon Abele

I love to improve things, to extend their functionality and still give them an aesthetic character.

This is exactly what I can express with my designs and camera rigs. The guiding principle: "Form follows function" is something I always try to expand on with modern and visually appealing designs.

I am very happy to have already realized some successful products together with DreamRig. Each time the quality and professionalism of the cooperation convinces me anew. I am proud to be a part of the SmallRig Family.

Fredrik Mannerfelt

I would be honored to be a SmallRig Family Member.

I'm a cinematographer and photographer from Stockholm, Sweden.

I have a background as a senior VFX artist and have a passion for product development, improving and customizing gear to fit my professional needs.

Yu Kano

DreamRig is the only way to get a Rig that doesn't already exist in the world.

If you have an idea for a piece of equipment that doesn't exist yet and would make filming more convenient, join DreamRig right away!

All you have to do is send them a simple sketch, 3D data, or if the 3D data alone is too confusing to use, a photo or video of a mock-up made with a 3D printer. All you have to do is have a friendly exchange with the DreamRig team and wait for the finished product.

You too can create a rig that never existed before and hack the shooting style of users all over the world!

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