This is an original design of SmallRig Top Plate for RED DSMC2 1999

Designer: Evans Pan

SmallRig Top Plate for RED DSMC2 1999 is a top accessory plate designed for RED SCARLET-W/EPIC-W/RAVEN/ WEAPON. The plate features an array of 1/4"-20 female threads in standard RED compatible spacing, as well as several 3/8"-16 threads to accommodate larger accessories. This plate offers the protection of camera’s electronic interface and without obstructing camera’s thermovent and WIFI receiving. Adding a NATO rail is perfect for working with RED Top Handle 1961. Besides, the numerous ARRI locating holes allow to mount SmallRig Articulating Magic Arm Mount Adapter 1978 or ARRI compatible handles.

Key Features:
2. 1/4"-20 threads in RED spacing
3. 3/8" ARRI locating holes
4. A NATO rail works for RED Top Handle 1961
5. Heat dissipation and WIFI receiving is available

Material: Aluminum Alloy