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SmallRig All-in-One 4-Arm Suction Cup Camera Mount Kit for Vehicle Shooting SC-15K 3565
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1. Load capacity of 120 kg;

2. Quick release via a NATO clamp;

3. A comprehensive solution to power supply and image transmission;

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    SmallRig All-in-One 4-Arm Suction Cup Camera Mount Kit for Vehicle Shooting SC-15K 3565 represents a professional and reliable solution to vehicle-based or other personalized photography, achieving multi-scene applications. It is suitable to mount onto cars, trucks, boats, and other smooth and dry surfaces nor breathable, such as hoods, roofs, doors, or windows, for capturing stable dynamic footage. With powerful suction force, the mount has maximum horizontal suction of 120 kg and maximum vertical suction of 30 kg. The suction cup camera mount, with great air-tightness and wear-resistance, can wok at -40°C to 60°C, suitable for clean, dry, smooth and even curved surfaces. The kit consist of 4 suction cups, 4 x 11" magic arms, 1 lens support, 1 half ball head and 2 cable tethers. Among them, the suction cup quickly attaches magic arm via a NATO clamp to prevent twisting; the half ball head, which is -8°/+8° adjustable, supports Arca-Swiss and DJI RS stabilizer quick release plate for quick switch between car, handheld and stabilizer shooting; and the cable tether ensures your gear is safe. The kit also comes with an integrated storage case, which is resistant to dust, abrasion and rain in complex outdoor environments.


    Designers: Terry Lu, Victor tang



    1. Suitable for clean and glossy surfaces, not for rough, uneven, dirty or fragile surfaces;

    2. Please always keep sucker and filter cotton intact and clean;

    3. Please apply it carefully to coated surfaces;

    4. When the safety-line indicator shows, it means vacuum loss. Pump the plunger until 100% vacuum pressure;

    5. Better work with a camera cage.


    Disclaimer: Please mount it onto recommended surfaces and check at least every four hours.


    1. Compatibility:



    1. In the Box  

    4 x 4″ Vacuum Suction Cup

    3 x Magic Arm

    1 x Half Ball Head

    1 x Magic Arm with Lens Support

    1 x Battery Adapter Plate

    2 x Cable Tether

    1 x Velcro

    1 x Storage Case


    1. Specifications                                     

    Product Dimensions: 424.8 x 300.0 x 58.8mm

    Package Dimensions: 363 x 271 x 142mm

    Product Weight: 3433g±5g

    Package Weight: 4328g±5g

    Material(s): Aluminum Alloy, NBR, ABS, Stainless Steel

    *Please note the import tax may occur.

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