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MagicFIZ Wireless Follow Focus Handgrip Kit 3782
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1. Supports focus/recording/power supply

2. Low-latency and high precision wireless/cable control

3. High compatibility for multi-scene shooting

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SmallRig MagicFIZ Wireless Follow Focus Handgrip Kit 3782 is designed to provide a precise and low-latency follow focus experience for video shooting. It comes with power-failure memory function that spares you from repeated lens calibration and AB point settings, thus improving shooting efficiency and an ultra-low-power 0.96" OLED screen with vibration warning that provides a simple but efficient interaction experience. Among these accessories, the Wireless Handgrip has ergonomic and modular design for comfortable grip and anti-twist 1/4''-20 holes on both sides for Handgrip Adapter, making it suitable for both right hand and left hand. It is compatible with LP-E6 batteries for longer battery life which can power focus motor via USB-C cables. It also supports fast charging and 5V-16.8V wide input voltage and offers 9V/18W and 0.5N.m torque output. The Wireless Receiver Motor can be powered by the included Battery Plate (ID: 3777) with NP-F batteries or by D-Tap to USB-C Cable (ID: 3266) and DC to USB-C cable (ID: 3268) with V-Mount batteries. The whole system has a remote control range of up to 100m in open area and also supports lower-latency USB-C cable control for more stability. Its BLE module helps in wireless REC start/stop which can also be realized by control cables (ID: 3325, 2971, 2970, depending on your camera type) with Wireless Receiver Motor. Besides, high precision BLDC control algorithm and anti-interference encryption algorithm further guarantee low latency and stable focus.

Designers: Victor Tang & Peiwen He & Fox Ma

1. Wireless Receiver Motor and Electronic Controller Module can be operated only under the same frequency band and number
2. A calibration is required when Wireless Receiver Motorreverses rapidly or Wireless Handwheel Controllerscreen displays abnormal location information
3. Please check anomalies when there is a vibration warning from the electronic control module
4. For instructions, please refer to the Wireless Follow Focus System User Manual

1: Φ49/Φ52/55/58/62/Φ67/72/77/82/86/80/85/90/95/114mm DSLR camera lens and cine lens
2: Φ15 rail support system
3: M0.8 lens and follow focus gear ring 
4: Incompatible with non-SmallRig wireless follow focus system
5: NP-F batteries
6: Supports fast charging
7: Cameras with REC function

Supports different camera types via control cables

Supports different camera types via BLE

In the Box:                                     
1 x Electronic Controller Module
1 x Wireless Receiver Motor
1 x Wireless Handgrip
1 x Battery Plate
1 x Handgrip Adapter
1 x Φ15 Rod
1 x Rod Clamp with NATO rail
2 x Snap-on Follow Focus Gear Ring
1 x USB-C to USB-C Cable
1 x Spanner
1 x User Manual
1 x Carrying Bag

Product Dimensions:
Wireless Handgrip: 114 x 73 x 33.5 mm
Electronic Controller Module: 64.5 x 27 x 35 mm
Wireless Receiver Motor: 105 x 48.5 x 32.5 mm
Package Dimensions: 212 x 202 x 95mm
Product Weight:  458g±5g
Package Weight:  1068g±5g
Material(s): AL6061, ABS, PC, 304 Stainless Steel, Silicone

*Please note the import duty may occur, and it should be on buyer's side.

*Please scan the QR code to view the MagicFIZ Wireless Follow Focus System-User Manual
or click the link: Wireless-follow-focuser-manual.

For instructions, please refer to the video on using the wireless follow focus system.

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User Manual
MagicFIZ Wireless Follow Focus System-User Manual.pdf
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